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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
May 12, 2015
The special meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by co-facilitator Cheryl Cunningham at 1 p.m. in room 3213 in Bedford Hall.

Those in attendance included: Will Sandidge, Dr. John Capps, Dianne Sykes, Ed McGee, Ruth Hendrick, Jane Pearson, Jana Fedele, Kris Ogden, Beth Walkup, Donna Hobbs, Russell Dove, Cheryl Cunningham, and Connie Deacon.

The meeting was turned over to Kris Ogden, Chair of the Annual Budget Planning Committee. She thanked everyone for pulling this special meeting together and thanked those in attendance. Kris explained that as part of our Governance structure, there is an Annual Budget Planning Committee and as chair, she is bringing their proposal of the Complete 2021 Strategic Planning goals and strategies to the College Governance Committee today to be voted on.
Recommendation/Proposal from Annual Budget Planning Committee
At its April 30 meeting the Annual Budget Planning Committee recommended that the College Governance Committee endorse in theory the proposed Complete 2021 Strategic Planning Goals and Strategies.

Proposed action plan for implementation:
The goals and strategies have been shared with the CVCC Community. A vote to endorse these goals and strategies in theory will move them forward to the President’s Cabinet for consideration and enactment. This timely process will allow work to continue for the development of an implementation and assessment plan in support of the overall strategic plan.
Kris explained that we currently have a strategic plan, “Achieve 2015” that expires June 2015 and felt it was very important to continue our planning with new goals and strategies in place. It was very important to engage everyone in the college community and that has been accomplished throughout the semester with Dr. Capps hosting several events and through surveys and student/teacher input. These goals and strategies have been created using the results of this information.  First, these were taken to the Annual Budget Planning Committee’s last meeting. They voted to endorse these goals and strategies “in theory.” This means that this will allow us to start planning and continue in making improvements as needed and to develop “a true full strategic plan that involves implementation and strategies and measures to engage the success of each of those goals.” Bringing this plan to you today to get the Governance Committee’s feedback and on the recommendation of this committee to seek approval and move forward to President’s Cabinet so we can continue work in planning.

Dr. John Capps thanked everyone for attending the special called meeting and hopes ultimately to approve the proposal.

Kris Ogden asked if there were any questions or comments. There was discussion with many members voicing their opinions.

Dr. Ruth Hendrick spoke about 4.1.3 missing some commas. Those were noted by Kris.

Dr. Capps said that in relationship to the Workforce Development piece, one of the virtues of this plan is that it brings together the credit and non-credit sides into a “dignified” plan leading to an assertive action. One of the past issues was perceived “schism” between Workforce and academics.  Dr. Capps explained that we need to bridge this gap as much as we can and this plan does a lot to accomplish this.

Cheryl stated that she is excited about the marketing piece included in this proposal.

Cheryl Cunningham, co-facilitator, asked for a vote. Everyone was in favor of passing the proposed Complete 2021 Strategic Planning Goals and Strategies.

New Business:
Ed McGee, President of Classified Staff Association, has a list of staff members and which committees they would like to serve on for the upcoming year. Give list to Connie Deacon.

Dr. John Capps wanted to add another comment since the vote has been cast to approve the proposed Complete 2021 Strategic Plan and the document is sound. When Kris first circulated the document to the college community last week, he sent the proposed plan to the Chancellor and his response was “Bravo!” Dr. Capps explained that he has the Chancellor’s vote of approval and the vote of approval from the Governance Committee and would like to recognize Kris Ogden for her work in coordinating and bringing everything together in this plan. Dr. Capps said that Complete 2021 is a great document because it is a product of an inclusive process that has tried to involve as many members of the college community as possible, a great product because it is a product of our Governance model, and a great product because Kris took all those ingredients and brought them together into a plan that we support. Kudos to Kris Ogden.

Cheryl Cunningham explained that since we don’t know who will be chairing all of the committees next year, she will be happy to chair the Governance Committee during the first meeting of next year.

The meeting adjourned at 1:14 p.m.
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