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 Minutes of the College Governance Committee
October 27, 2015
The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Cheryl Cunningham at 1 p.m. in room 5208 in Merritt Hall.
Those in attendance included: Debra Short, Connie Deacon (guest), Ed McGee, Will Sandidge, Dianne Sykes, Kris Ogden, Brent Lester, Mike Bradford, Jill Markwood, David Lightfoot, John Capps, Patrick Gatti, Jana Fedele, Tom Sparhawk, Peter Dorman, Muriel Mickles, Cheryl Cunningham and Loretta Marshall.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Approval of Minutes from last meeting
Cheryl Cunningham asked for motion on approval of minutes from last meeting if there were no changes. Minutes from September 15, 2015 were so moved, seconded and approved by CGC with no opposed.
Recommendation from Public Relations & Marketing Committee
Pat Gatti requested two changes to the PR & Marketing Committee:
      ··         Replace the Dean of Student Services or designee with the Dean of Enrollment Management. This term should be permanent.
·         Replace the Marketing representative with the PR & Marketing Coordinator. This term should be permanent.
After some discussion, Cheryl asked for motion to approve the two proposed changes to the PR & Marketing Committee. The motion was so moved, seconded, and approved by CGC with no opposed.
Recommendation from Employee Recognition Committee
Debra Short and Connie Deacon presented recommendations for the following:
·         Cougar Awards:
o   add “customer service” to the verbiage of the last bulleted item in the criteria to receive an award (to read customer service and/or leadership);
o   change the amount of award from $25 to $50;
o   change the drawing from once-a-month to twice-a-month
This is all in an effort to improve morale as evident from the Great Colleges to Work For is low. Dr. Capps verified there is money in the budget to be able to make this happen. Peter suggested making customer service and leadership separate criteria, as they are both important.
After further discussion and suggestions, Cheryl asked for vote to approve the recommendations from Employee Recognition Committee. It was agreed upon and passed by CGC.
·         Service Award
o   Update certificate and have them framed
o   Give $100 gift card along with certificate
o   Include part-time service awards
There was some discussion regarding the difference between State Service Awards and recognizing CVCC part-time service or total CVCC service. Cheryl suggested we table the vote on this topic until next meeting, while the committee continues to work on the changes with the Service Awards. Loretta agreed to work with the committee to assist with the HR aspects. Connie and Dr. Capps commended Debra on the hard work she and her committee has done on this project, as again this was another area on the Great Colleges to Work For that we are striving to improve.
·         Add six new award categories for staff to be able to receive $1000 award, similar to what the faculty currently has. The ERC is not asking for approve now, but wanted to bring it to CGC to let us know they will be working to develop the qualifications and criteria for these awards.
Cheryl asked for any more discussion for the six new awards to be added for Classified Staff, once criteria has been established. Will asked if this could be finalized by the time the CGC meets again in February 2 meeting. ERC will try their best to have the criteria by then. It was decided to wait to vote till the ERC comes back with the final criteria.
Other Business:
Cheryl asked if there was any other business. There being none, the meeting was adjourned.
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