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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
December 1, 2015
The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Cheryl Cunningham at 1 p.m. in room 5208 in Merritt Hall.
Those in attendance included: Cheryl Cunningham, Connie Deacon (guest), Tom Sparhawk, Beth Walkup, Mike Bradford, Patrick Gatti, Jill Markwood, Brent Lester, Kris Ogden, Dianne Sykes, David Lightfoot, Ed McGee, Muriel Mickles, Debra Short (guest), Jana Fedele, Peter Dorman, Ruth Hendrick, John Capps, Russell Dove, and Loretta Marshall, recorder.
Approval of Minutes from last meeting
Minutes from October meeting were viewed and two typos were found. Cheryl asked for motion on approval of minutes from last meeting if there were no changes. Minutes from October 27, 2015 were so moved, seconded and approved by CGC with no opposed (after a few typos are corrected).
Recommendation from College Faculty Association
Tom Sparhawk proposed to change the wording in the Faculty Constitution for the term of the association president.  
·          Change the current verbiage of “The President shall be elected for a term of two years” to “The Vice President will serve as the President Elect and assume the office of President the year following their election as Vice President.”
Cheryl asked for motion to approve the proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution. The motion was so moved, seconded, and approved by CGC with no opposed.
Recommendation from Employee Recognition Committee
Debra Short and Connie Deacon presented recommendations for the following:
·         Continued discussion regarding the Service Awards. The current proposal is:
o   Give all employees who receive a service award, an additional $100 gift card and framed certificate (COV certificate for Classified and Full-time Faculty; new certificate created by Jill Markwood for Part-time employees).
o   Requesting to increase their budget by $4,920 to purchase the gift cards and frames.
After much discussion, it was approved to increase the ERC’s budget, and to use gift cards and framed certificates. The issue of taxation of gift cards was discussed. Loretta will research the IRS/DOA policy on this and forward the information to Cheryl, who will distribute for an electronic vote by the CGC regarding the $100 gift card. 
Dr. Capps has also agreed with Debra’s suggestion that anyone who has received a previous service award certificate (which were not very flattering) in the past several years who would like to have theirs replaced with the new certificates will be given the option to do so.
Other Business:
Tom brought up that a faculty member mentioned that a Governance meeting was canceled due to the Chair being absent. He asked if there was something in writing to address what to do in the absence of the Chair – does the meeting need to be rescheduled or can it be cancelled. Kris mentioned that there is a place on the current survey that addresses Professional Development, Facility and another ad hoc committee. There is space on that survey to address such an issue.  
Next CGC will be two hours long, beginning at 12 at the request of Will to go over the Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations Greater Colleges to Work for survey.
Cheryl asked if there was any other business. There being none, the meeting was adjourned.
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