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​Minutes of the College Governance Council
February 2, 2016

Due to this meeting being open to entire college, attendee list of regular College Governance Council meeting was omitted. 

Meeting called to order at 12 Noon by Cheryl Cunningham in the Multi-Purpose Room. Due to the nature of the meeting, Cheryl dispensed with the regular order of this meeting and turned the meeting over to Will Sandidge. 

Will thanked everyone for coming to the meeting, especially those who worked on the committees and Kris Ogden for the work done on the Best College to Work for Initiative. Will wanted people to know that this initiative was not a mandate from the VCCS, but rather this was something Dr. Capps wanted us as a college to do to help move the college forward in a positive direction. 

Will stated that the recommendations will be posted on Communication Central once they have been finalized. An email will be sent college-wide once this has been done. All employees will then be given the opportunity to comment/give input on the recommendations through Survey Monkey that will be provided. After the presentations today, each recommendation will be reviewed and distributed to the appropriate areas to take necessary actions. This does not always mean the Governance Committee, as they meet infrequently. We want to move as swiftly as possible and some recommendations will need to go through departmental planning and the budget process. Unfortunately, there will be no time for questions today due to time constraints so please reserve your questions for the survey. 

Each Committee Chair gave their presentation. The presentations were as follows:
• Job Satisfaction/Supervisor/Department Chair Relationship/Respect and Appreciation and Work Life Balance – Kimberly French 
• Teaching Environment – Tom Sparhawk  
• Professional Development – Loretta Marshall 
• Compensation and Benefits – Tim Rhoads/Jessy Hogan
• Security – Russell Dove       
• Facilities/Workplace – David Lightfoot/Tom Bushley
• Collaborative Governance – Ken Bunch
• Confidence in Senior Leadership – Kris Ogden 
• Diversity – Muriel Mickles 

Dr. Capps thanked all those who participated in the ad hoc committees for their dedication to this process. He especially thanked the Committee Chairs, Will, and Kris for their leadership in this initiative. He also pointed out the fact that we made the list as a Great College to Work For, so this was not done because we failed as a college. CVCC is a good college but this survey and the recommendations brought today have shown that there is still more work to be done. From the recommendations today, some common themes were repeated:  
• the need for more communication;
• the importance of more training and professional development;
• the need for collaboration as a college community;
• the need for a though review of compensation issues;
• the lack of transparency, especially in finance

Dr. Capps cautioned that some recommendations were going to take time and financial resources in order to complete, so please be patient and trust the process. He then turned the meeting over to Cheryl, who adjourned the meeting at 1:55 pm.
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