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Minutes of the College Governance Council
March 15, 2016
The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Cheryl Cunningham, Chair, at 1 p.m. in room 5208 in Merritt Hall.
Those in attendance included: Dr. Muriel Mickles, Sarah Jarrett, Ed McGee, Tim Rhoads, Kris Ogden, Brent Lester, Mike Bradford, David Lightfoot, Patrick Gatti, Jill Markwood, Beth Walkup, Tom Sparhawk, Ruth Hendrick, Irene Wheeler, Connie Deacon, Cheryl Cunningham and Russell Dove.
Approval of Minutes for the following Meetings
·         Minutes of December 1, 2015
·         Minutes of February 2, 2016
Minutes of December 1, 2015 had not been approved previously at the two-hour February 2nd meeting due to the nature of the meeting. Both sets were approved by the CGC with no one opposed.
Recommendation from Faculty Association
Tom Sparhawk, Chairperson of the Faculty Association, proposed:
·         Committee meetings that are cancelled will take place the Thursday following the cancelled meeting or at some other time within a week of the original meeting with a three day notice.
·         Schedule meeting rooms for committees so they are available on both the Tuesday and Thursday of each week.
·         These rooms would be available for the committee to meet if all agenda items are not covered or additional discussion is needed.
The Classified Staff Association will need to consider the Part-Time Staff Committee’s scheduled meetings that are held on Thursdays and reschedule any canceled CSA meetings on another day besides Thursday. After some discussion, this recommendation was approved unanimously.
Recommendation from Compliance Committee
This recommendation was sent in by Jason Ferguson, Chairperson of the Compliance Committee. Jason could not be present; therefore, Kris Ogden spoke for the committee.
The recommendation or proposal:
·         Due to severe overlapping of compliance issues that are more specific to individual committees, it is the recommendation of the committee to dissolve the Compliance Committee and allow individual committees to better handle issues related to their specific tasks.
·         Dissolve the Compliance committee effective April 1, 2016 to allow pending issues to be resolved.
After some discussion, this recommendation was approved unanimously to dissolve the Compliance Committee at the end of the spring 2016 semester.
Recommendation from Employee Recognition Committee
Debra Short, Chair of the Employee Recognition Committee, presented the recommendation or proposal of the ERC to:
·         Add a $500 Outstanding Workforce Adjunct Award for one Adjunct each year.
·         Criteria was developed by Dr. James Lemons and Dr. Peter Dorman
This award will be based on an employee’s job performance, devotion to duty, and cooperation. The employee:
·         Must have completed a minimum of two years’ service to CVCC as an Workforce Adjunct Instructor
·         Must have taught a minimum of 40 contact hours in the past year.
·         Must have received an average of 4.5 and above on their student evaluations.
·         Must have overall satisfactory syllabus reviews as indicated on the syllabus review for the semester prior to nomination.
Dr. Ruth Hendrick recommended adding the first criteria. She also stated that there may be 10-15 Workforce Adjuncts a year that may be contenders for this Award meeting the 40 contact hour requirement. It was explained that 40 contact hours are 40 class hours. Tom Sparhawk also recommended adding a question to the course evaluations – “Should this instructor be nominated for an Outstanding Workforce Adjunct Award?” because student nominations are very important.
The recommendation to add a $500 Outstanding Workforce Adjunct Award was approved unanimously and will be implemented immediately.
Recommendation from Public Relations & Marketing Committee
Patrick Gatti, Chair of the Public Relations & Marketing Committee, presented with assistance from Jill Markwood. This Committee recently completed a revision of the Branding & Style Manual that was adopted last year. In revising the Manual (appropriate for CVCC), the Committee
·         reviewed manuals from other colleges, incorporating selected elements from these to improve the content and clarity of the document
·         added topics missing from the previous document (e.g. CVCC College Mascot)
·         solicited comments from non-committee members
·         revised and added language to improve content and clarity
The Public Relations & Marketing Committee asked for the approval of the revised Branding and Style Manual distributed to the CGC and recommended that the Manual be placed in the current Media Releases section of the CVCC website and the name of this section be changed to Marketing Resources.
There was discussion whether this Manual should be made public. College sponsored groups and vendors may need to reference back to this Manual. This shows the standards of logo and the colors used. If someone needs a color printout of this Manual, contact the Public Relations & Marketing Committee.
The recommendation of approving the revised Branding and Style Manual as is and posting it to the CVCC College website was voted on and approved unanimously.
Recommendation from the E2IT Committee
David Lightfoot spoke for the E2IT Committee proposing that CVCC cease the use of student Roaming Profiles at the end of the spring, 2016 semester and encourage students to utilize cloud storage for their files.
“My CVCC” credentials do not work well for students – not consistent. A student may sign into course in one classroom lab and go to another one and not be able to pull up information saved. This also doesn’t work well for our institution because we have to send in workorders to Richmond who manage this system.  This is not providing students with great customer service.
If we decide to use cloud storage, the students are able to log in from any place and get to their information.
After much discussion, the CGC voted on and passed this recommendation unanimously.
Chair Cheryl Cunningham adjourned the meeting at 1:38 p.m.
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