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Minutes of the College Governance Council
April 19, 2016
Members present: Debra Short, Brent Lester Tim Rhoads, Beth Walkup, Ed McGee, Pat Gatti, Russell Dove, Tom Sparhawk, Sarah Jarrett, David Lightfoot, Lewis Bryant, Will Sandidge, Jill Markwood, Kris Ogden, Ruth Hendrick, Muriel Mickles, Cheryl Cunningham, and Loretta Marshall, recorder
Minutes from 3/15/16 meeting
Minutes from last meeting were reviewed. Moved to approve by Tom Sparhawk, seconded by Brent Lester. Approved unanimously with no adjustments or changes.
Recommendation from Part-Time Staff Association – Sarah Jarrett
·         The Part-Time Staff Association wants to clarify in writing the College’s support for part-time staff participating in the Governance meetings.
·         Make sure part-time staff are aware of opportunities to serve on committees.
·         Find where most appropriate to put information, i.e. online Employee Manual.
Will wanted to clarify if going to meetings was paid time from part-time staff, as it was not clearly written. This also needs to be added as well as meeting times must be within employee’s available work hours and coverage availability.
No further questions, recommendations were approved.
Recommendation from Social Events Committee – Sarah Jarrett
·         Requested that Dominic Launi, as Director of Culinary Arts, be added as Permanent Member of the Social Committee, since Culinary Arts serves as the official caterer for social committee events.
Some discussion was had as to whether CVCC Culinary Arts is now our vendor for the social committee. Muriel suggested that request was made simply as a way to have the expertise of that department head on the committee, not to suggest they are only vendors CVCC has to used. Sarah also commented that she felt from a budget standpoint, CVCC Culinary Arts Dept. was a good option.
With no further questions or comments, recommendations were approved.
Recommendation from Faculty Association – Tom Sparhawk
Eligibility for faculty to receive faculty awards, asking that the following be added or changed to the criteria:
·         Be an active participant in the committee structure of the college, or be in a position that makes active participation impossible.
·         A faculty member may receive an award only once in any three-year period.
Recommendation approved with no comments or questions.
Recommendation from Compliance Committee – Kris Ogden
·         About two years ago, it was asked that an Institutional Review Board Handbook be established that applied to all research that would utilize our students, faculty, staff, resources, or data, and is not conducted directly by CVCC.
·         Once approved, publish on the Employee Manual website.
Tom asked if student focus groups would apply to this policy. Kris said this mostly applies to outside sources conducted studies/research.
With no further questions or comments, the recommendation was approved.
Other business
Muriel had a recommendation from the Committee on Committees. As a result of the Great Colleges to Work For survey, the committee felt there are issues especially with communication.
·         Recommend that the Office of Institutional Effectiveness oversee the operation and maintenance of the Governance Model to enhance and improve on the communication of the committees as well as to include new & existing members. Duties include
o   Update changes to the model from the CGC
o   Ensuring minutes are posted within two weeks of the meeting
o   Update and publish the yearly meeting calendar
o   Update and publish the committee roasters
o   Establish the Committee on Committees as an adhoc committee.
·         Implement as of Fall 2016
Jill asked if there are members on your committee who never show up, is there a way to get more members during the year? Muriel says it is ok to solicit help from other college members. Will suggested maybe participation should be part of the evaluation process for the faculty. Muriel said if we do this, it must be broadly communicated so that everyone knows the expectations of being on the committees. Loretta asked a chair, how do you recruit members if there are empty spaces? This shouldn’t happen in the future, but the chair of the Faculty, Classified, and Part-time Staff should be making those selections.
With no further questions or comments, the recommendation was approved.
This is the last meeting for 2015-2016. Cheryl will return for the first meeting until a new chair has been selected.
Meeting adjourned.
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