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Minutes of the College Governance Council
September 13, 2016
1 pm
Members present: Jill Markwood, Ed McGee, Tom Sparhawk, Brent Lester, Randall Franklin, Ruth Hendrick, John Capps, Sarah Jarrett, Debra Short, Dianne Sykes, Francie Dye, David Lightfoot, Ken Bunch, Cheryl Cunningham, and Loretta Marshall, recorder
Minutes from last meeting
It had been asked via email that the minutes of the April 19, 2019 meeting be reviewed individually, ahead of this meeting. Cheryl asked if there was any questions or revisions. There were none minutes were motioned and properly seconded, unanimously voted on, and approved.
Selection of 2016-17 Officers
Cheryl reminded committee she only agreed to chair this first meeting, we need to elect new Chair & Recorder. Tom Sparhawk was nominated as chair. He accepted the nomination. The committee agreed by unanimously vote for Tom Sparhawk to be new the Chair. Loretta declined continuing to serve as recorder. Cheryl asked for any volunteers or nominations for recorders. There were none. Loretta reluctantly agreed to continue to serve as recorder.
New Business
There was no new business at this time.
Meeting was adjourned.
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