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Minutes of the College Governance Council
October 25, 2016, 1 pm
Amherst Hall Room 2209
Members Present: Tom Sparhawk, Chair, Mike Bradford, Lewis Bryant, eJohn Capps, Cheryl Cunningham Linda Day, Ruth Hendrick, Sarah Jarrett, Jim Lemons, David Lightfoot, Jill Markwood, Ed McGee Kris Ogden, Jessica Riddick, Debra Short, Dianne Sykes, Ken Bunch (absent with permission)
Minutes from last meeting
On a motion by Dr. Capps, duly seconded, minutes from the meeting of September 13, 2016, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Curriculum and Instruction Policy Proposal
Dr. Lemons presented a policy statement and process that combines College, VCCS, SCHEV, and SACSCOC policies, standards and requirements to guide the development and modification of curricula and courses at CVCC.  The policy was created and reviewed within the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee and recommended for approval by the College Governance Committee.
On a motion by Dr. Capps, and duly seconded, the CVCC Curriculum Development and Modification Policy was approved as submitted.
The motion carried unanimously.
Faculty Association Proposal
Ms. Cunningham presented a revision to the procedures for selecting the Outstanding Faculty Award.  The proposal includes the addition of a form to faculty Annual Performance and Professional Development Objectives (APPDO) that requires then to opt-in or opt-out of having their APPDO information supplied upon request when nominated for the Outstanding Faculty Award.  This will allow the process to remain anonymous until the awards are announced.  The form was developed and approved with consultation from Academic Deans. 
On a motion by Ruth Hedrick, and duly seconded, the procedure change for selecting the Outstanding Faculty Award was approved as submitted.
The motion carried unanimously.
Governance Model Issues
Dr. Sparhawk raised related to revisions in the governance model since the original publication in 2012 to the current 2015 published version.  Those changes are specific to eligibility for chairs and voting members and voting eligibility.  After discussion, the Committee recommended that those issues be taken back to the CVCC Committee on Committees.  Dr. Sparhawk will notify Dr. Mickles of the need to call a meeting of that group.
New Business
Ms. Markwood shared information from the Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee about a new agreement with the Lynchburg Academy Center of the Arts to allow students to attend many of their events at no cost to the student.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m..
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