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January 31, 2017, 1 pm
Amherst Hall Room 2209
1.       Mike Bradford (present)
2.       Lewis Bryant
3.       Kenneth Bunch (present - recorder)
4.       John Capps
5.       Cheryl Cunningham
6.       Russell Dove 
7.       Francie Dye (present)
8.       Ruth Hendrick (present)
9.       Sara Jarrett 
10.   James Lemons
11.   David Lightfoot (present)
12.   Loretta Marshall
13.   Jill Markwood (present)
14.   Edward McGee
15.   Muriel Mickles
16.   Kristin Ogden (present)
17.   Ronald Parker
18.   Joseph Penrod (present)
19.   Charles Poff
20.   William Sandidge (present)
21.   Debra Short (present)
22.   Tom Sparhawk (present - chair)
23.   Dianne Sykes (present)
Chair Tom Sparhawk called the meeting to order.
First agenda item – Approve Minutes:
·         Tom moved to approve minutes from the Dec. 6, 2016 meeting.
·         Ruth moved to approve minutes.
·         Minutes approved.
Second agenda item – PR/MARCOM Approvals:
·         Begins PR/Committee Letterhead and blue color changes. Notes that Jill has not arrived yet.
·         So Tom suggests skipping to item 3 on the agenda about the professional development plan.
Third agenda item – Professional Development Plan Approval:
·         Chair notes that Charles Poff, author of the plan, is not present at the meeting.
·         Tom then explains that an “everyone” email was sent to the college with the proposal for the professional development plan.
·         Tom explained that only one suggestion was returned.
·         Chair askes for motion to approve the development plan.
·         Motion carried unanimously.
Meeting returns to second Agenda Item – PR/MARCOM Approvals:
·         Francie provided Ken some copies of new letterhead to show the committee.
·         Jill arrives and begins to explain the changes in letterhead that had been approved by the PR committee at their last meeting on Jan. 24.
·         Main changes to letterhead were updating the URL and adding the contact info. for the CVCC centers.
·         Jill then suggested discussion the color change first.
·         Jill described the impetus for changing the official CVCC blue to a lighter shade to facilitate print production and graphic art usage.
·         Jill explained that the present blue color listed in the style guide doesn’t print well.
·         Mike also explained how the current color is problematic with printed materials and on monitors because it’s too dark.
·         Motion made to approve the new blue.
·         Motion passed unanimously.
·         Next Jill leads the discussion back to the CVCC letterhead changes.
·         Jill reviewed the changes in the masthead, the updated URL, and the mention of all the centers at the bottom.
·         Mike asked if there is a choice of versions. Jill explained it more.
·         Kris asked about why there are the centers are listed at the bottom.
·         Jill explained that was a suggestion from last year.
·         Jill explained that the example she was showing is the “main template” that other versions are made of.
·         Jill offered suggestion about more changes, i.e. getting rid of the centers.
·         Kris was concerned about inclusion of all centers, possible new site at J.F.
·         Mike offers more suggestions about possible fixes/alternatives.
·         Jill explained how the various versions of letterhead are created.
·         Kris suggested taking off the row of centers.
·         Mike and Kris discuss having the centers on the letterhead.
·         Tom told how changes can be suggested to cabinet.
·         Mike observes that all changes were note mentioned in the agenda.
·         Group discussion about listing the centers and possible alternatives.
·         Kris and Jill suggested putting in a line of text instead of listing every center’s contact info.
·         More group discussion about what the line of text should say.
·         Tom recommends sending it back to PR/Committee for these further changes and approval.
·         Mike talks about size of logo in the masthead.
·         Kris concurs about logo size and Jill says she can size it back down.
·         Jill says she has to redesign.
·         Ken asked if an order should be placed while waiting for further changes.
·         Tom suggests an email vote to expedite approval so that a printing order can be placed forthwith.
·         Tom moved to send it back to PR committee for email approval.
·         Ken – chair of PR committee – agrees to do that.
·         Motion seconded and passed.
Other business agenda item – CVCC World Wide Web Policy update:
·         Tom reminds committee that Ken made the text change to the WWW policy suggested by the governance committee.
·         Ken says how he made the correction and gave the finalized document file to Wil Perez for posting on the website.
·         Move to acknowledge the final disposition of the WWW policy.
Other business agenda item – Suggestion that the C.G.C. should be able to offer suggestions:
·         Chair motions that the C.G.C. should be empowered with the option to speed things up by being able to offer suggestions on issues instead of just an approval/disapproval vote.
·         Motion passed unanimously.
·         Tom said he will take the suggested change to the President’s cabinet.  Tom reiterated that the C.G.C. should have a third option.
·         Chair adjourned the meeting.
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