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April 19, 2017, 1 pm
Amherst Hall Room 2209
  1. Mike Bradford
  2. Lewis Bryant
  3. Kenneth Bunch (present - recorder)
  4. John Capps
  5. Cheryl Cunningham (present)
  6. Russell Dove (present)
  7. Francie Dye (present)
  8. Ruth Hendrick (present)
  9. Sara Jarrett (present)
  10. James Lemons
  11. David Lightfoot (present)
  12. Loretta Marshall (present)
  13. Jill Markwood 
  14. Edward McGee
  15. Muriel Mickles (present)
  16. Kristin Ogden (present)
  17. Ronald Parker
  18. Joseph Penrod 
  19. Charles Poff
  20. William Sandidge 
  21. Debra Short 
  22. Tom Sparhawk (present - chair)
  23. Dianne Sykes (present)

Chair Tom Sparhawk called the meeting to order.
First agenda item – Approve Minutes
  • Tom moved to approve minutes from the Jan. 31, 2017 meeting.
  • Motion made to approve minutes.
  • Minutes approved.

Second agenda item – Committee member number change
  • Recommendation from Student Conduct Committee to changes number of students on committee from 7, to 3 or 4.  
  • Comment made that it’s hard to find students to participate.  
  • Change in committee involves a change to governance manual…changing listing from 7 to 3 or 4.  
  • SGA officer to choose the students.  Let that person choose.  Minimum of 3.  
  • Discussion.  These students would be voting members of the committee.  If they can’t get 3 students would the committee still be active? Can students be compelled to find fellow students to serve?  
  • Change for minimum of 3 students, maximum of 7 proposed.  Motion made to approve that number.  Vote taken and motion approved. Revision to advance to next stage.

Third agenda item – Proposal for Name Change
  • Proposal of a name change of Student’s Disability Support Services to Student Accessibility Services.  The new name is more positive and covers more of what that group actually does. Motion made to advance the change to President’s Cabinet. Vote taken, motion approved.

Forth agenda item – Proposal for Approval Process Change
  • Wording changes to College Governance Manual, section 3-A, to add the ability to suggest that minor revisions that can be approved via email instead of waiting for the approving committee to physically reconvene to vote. Kris asks where the PDF College Governance manual is online.  Motion to approve, vote taken, motion approved.

Fifth agenda item – Discussion for Next Term
  • Final item, discussion about next term’s Governance committee and chairperson.  Tom suggested deciding that day.  Cheryl C. interjected that some committees have not yet submitted who will be leading some of the committee’s next term.  So she suggested waiting until the fall to name the new chairperson.  Next, Tom invited suggestions for next term goals.  None offered.

Meeting Adjourned
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