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College Governance Council
September 12, 2017
Room 2205, Amherst Hall

Members Present: David Lightfoot, Debra Short, Dianne Sykes, Ernie Wade, Francie Dye, Jeff Sydenstricker, Ken Bunch, Kevin Riley, Kris Ogden, Mike Bradford, Muriel Mickles, Sarah Jarrett, Tom Sparhawk, William Sandidge
Members Absent:  Beth Walkup, Jim Lemons, John Capps, Lewis Bryant, Nancy Mitchell, Randall Franklin, Russell Dove, Shannon McDermott
Call to Order:
Tom Sparhawk (Chair) called the meeting to order at 1:00pm. 
Approval of the minutes from April 19, 2017 meeting:
Tom asked for approval of the minutes.  Motion made by Mike and seconded by Sarah.  The minutes were unanimously approved. 
Election of Chair and Recorder:
Tom asked if there were any nominations or volunteers for the position of Chair of the College Governance Council.  None were brought forth.  Tom stated that he would be willing to Chair the committee for another year if needed.  Motion to re-elect Tom for Chair was made by Will and seconded by Kevin.  Tom was unanimously re-elected Chair. 
Tom then asked for nominations or volunteers for the position of Recorder of the College Governance Council.  None were brought forth.  Tom asked if there was anyone who would volunteer to be the temporary recorder for this meeting and a permanent Recorder could be elected at the next meeting provided more of the Committee members were present.  Kevin volunteered to record for the meeting. 
Professional Development Committee – Changes to the Professional Development Plan (Sarah Jarrett):
Sarah Jarrett discussed changes to the Professional Development Plan that were recommended by the Professional Development Committee after their first meeting this year to provide clarity for employees trying to obtain professional development funding and to assist the committee in completing their responsibilities.  The new Professional Development Plan was approved in January 2017 and went into effect on July 1, 2017.  The recommended changes include: 
·    Changing the wording of “First-Come, First-Served” to “Non-Competitive” on pages 14 and 15.  The intent with this section, and the plan itself, was to help as many employees as possible and it was determined by the committee that the best way to do that was to evaluate the applications as a group that are submitted by the stated deadline(s).  Having multiple deadlines throughout the year will ensure that funds are not depleted at the beginning of the year and can offer funds to more employees throughout the year. 
·    Adding a cover sheet for the applications that need to go through the blind review process.  The cover sheet can include the necessary signatures and have the information of the applicant that can be removed when going to the blind review.  This will streamline the blind review process, since identifying information of the applicant would not need to be removed from pages in the application.  The new cover sheets have been added to the Professional Development Plan on pages 34, 40, 45, 51, and 55. 
·    The application for “Funds Request for Community College Network Conferences and Activities” has been modified to match the scoring rubric and is now the same as the application for “Off-Campus Nonconference Professional Development Activity”.  The affected pages are 45-48. 
·    A new timeline for application deadlines has been developed.  This was changed due to the timing of brining on the new Professional Development Coordinator position and discussion of how far in advance employees know about upcoming events.  Since the timeline may change each year, the Professional Development Committee will review and publish a new timeline for application deadlines each spring. 
Ernie asked if he wrote a paper to be published in a journal and was to present that at conference, would funding be able to come from the Professional Development Plan.  Sarah stated that funding could be requested through the “Off-Campus Professional Development Conferences” application process and bonus points are awarded for those presenting at a conference but there is not an automatic approval process.  Though the benefit with the new plan is to know upfront if the entire cost of the conference, or what percentage of it, would be covered before attending (if approved). 
Mike made a motion to approve the Professional Development Plan and Will seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously by the committee.  Committee members thanked Sarah for her excellent presentation of these changes. 
Other Business:
Monthly synopsis of committee minutes
Tom stated that Mary Canfield has volunteered to create a short summary of each committees minutes each month to send out to the CVCC community.  Will stated that he thought that would be a great idea since during the Building a Better CVCC process, employees stated improving communication was a top priority.   Tom asked how this information/summary should be sent out (as its own email, through the Daily Bulletin, create a newspaper, etc.).  Sarah suggested that sending it out as its own email would probably be the best way to proceed.   Tom then asked if the committee thought Chair of the College Governance Council should have the responsibility to make sure this summary is sent out to the CVCC community.  The committee responded that it should be.  It was then brought up that if Mary decided to stop creating the summary, whose responsibility should it then be to create/write the summary, should that fall toward an established committee?  That part of the idea was tabled to see how well the summary takes off in practice.
Francie reminded the group that there will be a Classified Staff Association Pizza fundraiser tomorrow (9/13/17) from 11am-1pm in the Student Center.  Also, CVCC employees are eligible to attend Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance events and activities at a reduced cost since CVCC partners with them.  Their next event is a Small Business Awards ceremony.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:31pm.    
Submitted by Kevin Riley
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