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College Governance Council
March 13, 2018
Room 2205, Amherst Hall

1. Mike Bradford (present)
2. Lewis Bryant
3. Ken Bunch (present)
4. John Capps
5. Russell Dove
6. Francie Dye (present)
7. Randall Franklin (present)
8. Sarah Jarrett (present)
9. Jim Lemons
10. David Lightfoot (present)
11. Shannon McDermott (present)
12. Muriel Mickles (present)
13. Nancy Mitchell
14. Kris Ogden (present)
15. Kevin Riley (present)
16. William Sandidge (present)
17. Debra Short
18. Dianne Sykes (present)
19. Tom Sparhawk (present)
20. Jeff Sydenstricker (present)
21. Ernie Wade
22. Beth Walkup

Call to Order:

Chairperson Tom Sparhawk (TS) called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.
  • First order of business is review of minutes from last meeting on September 12, 2017.
  • Motion made to approve minutes.  Seconded, all in favor – approved.
  • First agenda item – Ken Bunch (KB), chairperson of CVCC PR Committee, reviews final draft of a new, college wide Social Media (SM) policy.
  • KB passes out copies of the draft SM policy previously approved by the PR Committee on February 27, 2018.
  • KB outlines the background on PR Committee’s previous work on the new policy.  States the PR Committee started writing it in spring semester of 2017. Then used all three PR Committee meetings in the 2017 fall semester to refine it. 
  • KB explains the importance of having a college wide SM policy for establishing appropriate rules and guidelines for SM postings.
  • Next, KB reviews the present SM platforms used by CVCC that includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • KB explains what VCCS peer CCs are doing regarding SM policy.
    • ​Talks about reaching out to faculty for better notice on events.
  • ​Comments on how student group Facebook pages would be setup and monitored.
  • More information on how and why the draft SM was created.  PR Committee started out with an outline of topics.
  • KB reviews and references highlighted areas of draft SM policy handout. 
  • A policy statement is first regarding the use of official CVCC media. 
  • The next section reviews the benefits of SM postings.  Talks about who the users could be, and who would be given permission to post, and that PR/Marketing Coordinator controls, monitors and enforces the SM policy.
  • The control part of the policy is reviewed next.
  • The approval process follows elaborating on who can be approved to do postings, the placement of logos, etc.  Also mentions referring to the style-guide for proper colors and typefaces.
  • Discussion moves to page two of the policy, which refers to the principles, and actual content of postings. 
  • Also mentions how this type of information is subjective in nature and how posters need to adhere to the policy regarding wording, use of photos, etc.  Continues to go over these guidelines. 
  • SM procedures is the next section about who can do the postings. 
  • The procedures are outlined as separate line items a)-h) in the draft policy. 
  • The SM policy closes with some hyperlinks for referencing more information and links to the various SM platform policies.
  • The SM policy is summarized at the end followed by a liability disclaimer statement.
  • Chairperson TS states what the CGC committee’s three options are regarding the policy: To approve and forward to President’s Cabinet; to send back to PR committee, or to review at next CGC meeting in more detail. 
  • The floor is then open for discussion and questions.
  • Sarah Jarrett asks about student groups starting their pages.  KB answers that to get better postings we want to empower some key people with specific SM administrative privileges.  These people get alerts on SM postings and responses.
  • KB adds that student groups can create a linked CVCC FB page, but they will be required to ask permission on how to build their group page and confirm that they have read the official CVCC SM policy.
  • Mike Bradford explains and affirms the need for having a central control and policy for CVCC SM. 
  • TS asks about forwarding it to the President’s Cabinet.  Bradford explains that the PR committee has already refined it and it should be okay to forward it.
  • David Lightfoot also suggests approving it for forwarding. 
  • CVCC Emergency Management Coordinator Jeffrey Sydenstricker asks about item h).  He suggests changing the wording so that the CVCC PD be directly contacted. KB agrees to re-word item h).  
  • Will Sandidge asks about adding CVCC PD to item h) as well.  Muriel Mickles offers some ways to re-word item h).  KB agrees to make the changes.
  • Next KB remarks about future modification to SM policy as new technologies emerge to keep it current and up to date. 
  • Chairperson TS suggests it is a living document.
  • KB explains background on researching threating postings.  Randall Franklin asks about the possibility of getting threat assessments from people posting on their own FB pages.  Sandidge says that should be brought to attention of Chief Dove. 
  • KB explains about FB “safe words” regarding profanity.  That the public can comment to postings but cannot directly post on the CVCC FB timeline.  
  • TS asks for any other questions.  Sandidge asks for exact wording on item h).  KB reads the revised wording. 
  • Discussion about item h) wording continues.  Official rewording of item h) is revised to be…
    • ​“If faculty, staff, and approved CVCC social media administrators encounter a situation while using social media that is threatening and/or antagonistic, CVCC posters should disengage from the dialogue and notify the CVCC Police Department and the PR/Marketing Coordinator. This recommendation also applies to any CVCC affiliated Facebook Group pages.”
  • ​A motion is made to forward the now revised SM policy to the President’s Cabinet for adoption. Motion approved, all in favor vote – motion approved. 
  • Second agenda item – Request from the Student Success Committee for consideration of a Love Request statue/sign.
  • Success Committee would like a symbol to help people identify with the college.  The state of Virginia sponsors the Love Program for arts and statues.  
  • TS remarks that these types of state “love” symbols are located all over the state.  Accepted proposals can quality for a $1,500 state grant.  The success committee already checked with CVCC facilities and they like the idea.  So the question poised to the CGX committee is where and how to create it.  The design part would come first.
  • Some CGC committee members state they like the initial draft design.  They also brought up the LU design. 
  • Mike Bradford remarks that a committee would need to be formed and assigned the project.
  • TS reiterates that today he is just seeking official approval to send it up to President’s Cabinet. It would still be a process with possible survey for consensus.
  • Needs to be located in a place where people can take photographs and it can be aesthetic for tours.
  • A motion is made to approve it as a concept in order to move it up to President’s Cabinet.  Motion seconded and voted on for approval and approved.
  • Final agenda item – Regards the monthly aggregate committee minutes summary for all CVCC committees.  Also assigning the monthly committee minutes to one person to do as a regular part of their job.  Mary Canfield currently does the monthly summary as a volunteer.
  • TS asks the committee….keep it as is?  Or, address it next year? 
  • Kris Ogden notes that her office monitors and tries to enforce timely posting of all committee minutes for possible audits.
  • TS will check with Mary to see if she still wants to do the monthly minute’s summary.
  • TS also suggests bringing it up at the first CGC meeting in the fall.  
  • TS also mentions a desire to pass on being the chairperson of CGC for upcoming academic year. 
  • Kris makes final comment as a reminder to people to please complete the “Great Colleges to Work For” survey.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40.
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