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College Governance Council
April 17, 2018
Room 2205, Amherst Hall

  1. Mike Bradford
  2. Lewis Bryant 
  3. Ken Bunch
  4. John Capps
  5. Russell Dove
  6. Francie Dye
  7. Randall Franklin
  8. Sarah Jarrett
  9. Jim Lemons
  10. David Lightfoot
  11. Shannon McDermott
  12. Muriel Mickles
  13. Nancy Mitchell
  14. Kris Ogden
  15. Kevin Riley
  16. William Sandidge
  17. Debra Short
  18. Dianne Sykes
  19. Tom Sparhawk (chair)
  20. Jeff Sydenstricker
  21. Ernie Wade
  22. Beth Walkup

Call to Order:
  • Chairperson Tom Sparhawk calls meeting to order at 1:10 pm.
  • Approve of minutes from March 13.
  • Motion to approve, so moved, seconded, approved.
  • First item from public safety committee.
  • It is a proposal to amend the parking policy.
  • Chief Dove recommends a change to the policy to tow vehicles.  Presently, it takes three outstanding parking tickets for a vehicle to be towed. The problem is the car owner may not live in the same house as the student.  It takes three tickets for a vehicle to be towed.
  • Question is asked about why the vehicle cannot be identified. It is because the car may be registered to someone not living in the same household as the student, therefore the offenses cannot be put it on a student’s record. 
  • Question is asked if the towing policy information is printed on the ticket.  The answer is no, that the ticket is the warning. 
  • A question is asked how the car owner is informed.  Answer is no calls are made.  The ticket is the warning.  Chief believes the word about amended towing policy will “get around.”  
  • Question is asked about the cost of the tow.  Chief says that hasn’t been decided yet.  He also says warning signs will be put up. 
  • Motion to approve, so moved, seconded. Approved to move forward to the president’s consent agenda.
  • Second agenda item regards changing and clarification of Governance Model.
  • Chairperson indicates that recruiting faculty members to participate on the committee is difficult. Also notes there are 18 faculty who have not volunteered for any committee. At present, 15 openings remain unfilled.  Email requests have been sent out but not many replies.
  • Primary change addresses not serving consecutive terms on any committee. This would allow people of different specialties to alternate. 
  • Also running into difficulty publishing minutes.  And if no meeting is held, that should be indicated in place of minutes.
  • Also, final copy of minutes should not be a draft version.  Minutes should be posted in two weeks, and minutes that are not approved should be posted in a timely fashion as well.
  • Question is asked if changes to Governance Model have to go on president’s agenda?  Answer: yes. 
  • Motion to approve, so moved, seconded. Approved to move forward to the president’s consent agenda.
  • Third agenda item references updating the Governance Model Document.  
  • The version currently on Communications Central has not been updated in a long time.
  • Question is asked who is responsible for updating the document. 
  • Question is asked if posting a WORD document would make revisions easier and more timely.
  • Agreement that a PDF is the proper format instead. 
  • Chairperson suggests that Dr. Capps appoint a special committee to review the Governance Manual.
  • Another concern is that retired Ruth Hendrick’s position is still listed on several important committees and if Dr. Jim Lemons should be assigned to these committees as the head of Workforce Division.
  • Francie Dye states that there is no workforce representative on those committees.
  • Muriel suggests she will discuss the matter with Dr. Capps.
  • Chairperson indicates he will wordsmith the changes and send it out to committee members for approval.
  • Chairperson asks about any new business.
  • Old business, Mary Canfield will continue to provide a summary of minutes every six weeks to match the six week cycles of the committees. 
  • Chairperson states he will not be chairperson of the CGC next year.  
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

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