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Committee Name: College Governance Council
Meeting Date: 12/3/2018 12:00:00 AM
Debra Short, Employee Recognition Committee Chair
Jim Tuite, Evaluation and Assessment Committee Chair
Sarah Jarrett, Professional Development Policy Committee Chair and Part-time Staff Association Chair
Jill Markwood, Public Relations and Marketing Committee Chair
Jeff Sydenstricker, Safety and Security Committee Chair
Patti Saffiotti, Student Success Committee Chair
Ernie Wade, Faculty Association
David Lightfoot, VP Information Technology
Kris Ogden, Dean Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Cindy Wallin, Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology (E2IT) Committee Chair
Chris Bryant, VP Institutional Development
John Capps, President
Dianne Sykes, General Administrative Coordinator, President’s office
Will Perez, Webmaster, Information Technology
Jessica Riddick, Administrative Assistant, Academic, and Student Affairs
Jim Lemons, Instruction Policy Committee Chair
Muriel Mickles, VP Academic and Student Affairs
Will Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Lewis Bryant, VP Finance
Matt Lattimer, Faculty Association Chair
Mary Canfield, Classified Staff Association Chair
Randall Franklin, HR Director
Russell Dove, Chief of Police
Debra Short convened the meeting and after introducing Chris Bryant, the newly appointed VP for Institutional Development, asked the Council to review and comment on the minutes from the October 23, 2018 meeting.
Sarah Jarrett moved that the minutes be accepted as written.  Patti Saffiotti seconded.  The CGC members present voted unanimously to approve the minutes.
Jill Markwood, Public Relations and Marketing Committee Chair, presented a Public Relations and Marketing Committee proposal to revise the Central Virginia Community College Worldwide Web policy.
Brief Description of Recommendation or Proposal:
The Public Relations and Marketing Committee has a revised Worldwide Web policy. The former
policy was written before the launch of our new website back in 2015. It required a major revision to reflect the functionality of our current site.
Proposed action plan for implementation:
Once approved by the Governance Committee, the policy will go to the President's Cabinet for approval.
The section in online policy manual where this proposal (if passed by the CGC) should reside:
Until Communiqué is  in use, it will be posted with the other manuals at:
Copies of the current and revised sections affected by this action were presented to the CGC.
There was an explanation of the rationale behind the changes presented by Jill Markwood and Will Perez, Webmaster, Information Technology. A change recommended by Kris Ogden would be made to the fifth item in the addendum (last page) to reflect that the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness is the content owner rather than the Program Heads. Jill Markwood also noted that the proposed changes had been reviewed by David Lightfoot (VP, IT).
Patti Saffiotti moved that the proposal be approved.  John Capps seconded the motion.
The CGC members present voted unanimously to approve the proposal.
Debra Short, Employee Recognition Committee Chair, presented a proposal to consolidate the College’s Workforce Adjunct Award with the College’s Adjunct Award.
A brief description of recommendation or proposal:
Committee would like to consolidate the Workforce Adjunct Award with the College's Adjunct Award.


  Proposed action plan for implementation:
       If approved, Workforce Adjunct Award would be removed from the website.
Under Eligibility, the word "Credit Adjuncts" would be removed and replaced with "Adjuncts."
The section in online policy manual where this proposal (if passed by the CGC) should reside:

  •   Unsure  

Are there any other offices/committees that should in this decision?
      None that we are aware of.

Debra Short explained that they wanted to merge the two awards without distinguishing between Workforce adjuncts and Credit adjuncts.   The total number of adjunct awards would be reduced from 3 - to 2 - $500 awards.  Ernie Wade asked how often the award could be received.  Debra Short explained that the award could be received once every five years.  Dr. Capps expressed concern over the number of awards being reduced from three to two awards.  Debra Short explained the difficulty in obtaining nominations for the adjunct awards.  Suggestions were offered by a number of the Committee members (Jarrett, Wallin, Markwood, and Saffiotti).  After the discussion, it was decided that the proposal would be modified to retain three awards
Jill Markwood moved to approve the proposal with the discussed modification (retain three awards).  Patti Saffiotti seconded the motion.
The CGC members present voted unanimously to approve the proposal.
Cindy Wallin, E2IT Committee Chair, proposed that due to concern over the attrition rate in online courses, the E2IT Committee proposed that additional training options be made available to both faculty and students. Lorna Nelson also proposed to the E2IT Committee dedicating a webpage to online learning.  This webpage should include a survey and resources for online learning.  The motion was passed unanimously by the E2IT Committee.  At the next E2IT meeting, the committee intends to look at proposals for improving student and faculty success rates.
No written proposal was prepared for distribution the E2IT Committee. However, the CGC discussed this issue at length. After a great deal of discussion, various suggestions and comments were offered by several CGC members (Wallin, Saffiotti, Wade, and Tuite).  Dr. Capps observed that addressing this issue would be a labor-intensive task -- more labor-intensive than might be addressed by the E2IT Committee. He recommended naming a core group of individuals and inviting other members of the VCCS community to develop a series of recommendations on this issue.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be February 5, 2019. 
Motion to Adjourn
A motion was made and seconded that the meeting adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM.
Jim Tuitte
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