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Committee Name: College Governance Council
Meeting Date: 2/4/2019 12:00:00 AM
Chris Bryant, VP Institutional Development
Mary Canfield, Classified Staff Association Chair
Russell Dove, Chief of Police
Randall Franklin, HR Director
Sarah Jarrett, Professional Development Policy Committee and Part-time Staff Association Chair
Jim Lemons, Instruction Policy Committee Chair
David Lightfoot, VP Information Technology
Jill Markwood, Public Relations and Marketing Committee Chair
Muriel Mickles, VP Academic and Student Affairs
Kris Ogden, Dean Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Will Perez, Webmaster, Information Technology
Patti Saffiotti, Student Success Committee Chair
Debra Short, Employee Recognition Committee Chair
Jeff Sydenstricker, Safety and Security Committee Chair
Dianne Sykes, General Administrative Coordinator, President’s Office
Jim Tuite, Evaluation and Assessment Committee Chair
Cindy Wallin, Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology Committee (E2IT) Chair
Lewis Bryant, VP Finance
John Capps, President
Matt Lattimer, Faculty Association Chair
Ron Parker, Finance, Facilities and Sustainability Committee Chair
Will Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Debra Short convened the meeting and asked the Council to review and comment on the minutes from the December 4, 2018 meeting.
Jill Markwood moved that the minutes be accepted as written.  Patti Saffiotti seconded the motion.  The committee voted unanimously to approve the minutes.
Will Perez requested advice from the Council on the length of time to retain governance committee meeting minutes (available to the public) on the new software platform “Communiqué.”
Kris Ogden suggested that some of the old minutes; for example, QEP records might be useful for future analyses.  Will Perez said that the records would not be deleted, simply removed from the public site and archived. Kris Ogden suggested that we wait until we see how Communiqué works, how we would access archives, and what the archived information would look like before a decision is made.  David Lightfoot made the point that this only involved information available to the public.  Jim Lemons raised an issue over whether there might be a public availability or database requirement and, if there is a requirement, what that length of time is.  Dr. Mickles suggested that further research be done and a written proposal be made to define the length of time this information should be made available.  The issue was tabled.
Patti Saffiotti, Student Success Committee Chair, presented a Student Success Committee proposal.
A brief description of the recommendation or proposal:
That voicemail to email be set as the default option for every faculty/staff member.
Proposed action plan for implementation:
Implementation by the IT Department
The section in online policy manual where this proposal (if passed by the CGC) should reside:
Not Applicable
Information Technology – David Lightfoot
Discussion.  David Lightfoot suggested that before this could be implemented, there needs to be some mention of this in the employee policy manual.  Patti Saffiotti said that this was to accommodate faculty and staff away from their phones.  They would still be able to receive an email letting them know about the message. Kris Ogden asked if this would mean that everyone has to have it.  When we consider the classified staff and part-time staff, does this create an expectation that they are supposed to be available? Patti Saffiotti noted that this was a request of a full-time faculty member, but added that part-time employees who have put in their hours do not have to check their email. After some additional discussion (Saffiotti/Lightfoot/Mickles), a recommendation was made that since everyone has the option of using voicemail-to-email, faculty and staff could be informed through the Daily Bulletin, that voicemail-to-email was available and that they can have access to this technology/service.
Dr. Mickles requested that David Lightfoot prepare some information to be distributed to faculty/staff through the Daily Bulletin or other means.
Dr. Mickles made a motion that the proposal not be accepted.  Patti Saffiotti seconded the motion.  The motion to disapprove the proposal was unanimously approved.
Jim Tuite presented the next proposal on behalf of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee regarding General Education Learning Outcomes.  The proposal follows:
A brief description of the recommendation or proposal:
New General Education Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria have been proposed by the General Education Learning Outcomes Task Force to comply with the revised General Education Policy approved by the State Board of Community Colleges at their meeting on 01/17/2019.

Proposed action plan for implementation:

Further approval by the President’s cabinet. Submit the new criteria to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) by April 1, 2019.

The section in online policy manual where this proposal (if passed by the CGC) should reside:
Implementing an amendment to the VCCS Policy Manual Section (revised 01/17/2019). Each college with the Virginia Community College System will be responsible for identifying appropriate learning outcomes relative to each of the six general education core competencies defined, and for assessing those outcomes to comply with SACSCOC accreditation standards and SCHEV policy. Amends CVCC Employee Resources Manual - Section: General Educational Goals.
Are there any other offices/committees that should be included in this decision?
There was a brief video presentation on the proposal. The changes to the VCCS policy manual, the new General Education Learning Outcomes, and the affected section of the CVCC Employee Resources Manual - Section: General Educational Goals were distributed to each committee member. 
Jill Markwood asked for confirmation that it was the VCCS that was changing the learning outcomes. There was no further discussion.
Muriel Mickles moved that the proposal be approved.  Patti Saffiotti seconded the motion. 
The committee voted unanimously to approve the proposal.
There is no new business.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be March 19, 2019, in Amherst 2205 at 1:00 PM. 

Motion to Adjourn
Jim Lemons made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by several individuals, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:29 PM.
Jim Tuitte
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