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Committee Name: College Governance Council
Meeting Date: 4/21/2020 12:00:00 AM

Randall Franklin, HR Director
Sarah Jarrett, Professional Development Policy Committee and Part-time Staff Association Chair
David Lightfoot, VP of Information Technology 
Kris Ogden, Annual Budget Planning Committee Chair
Kim French, Student Success Committee Chair
Debra Short, Employee Recognition Committee Chair (Chairman)
Jeff Sydenstricker, Safety and Security Committee Chair
Jim Tuite, Evaluation and Assessment Committee Chair (Recorder)
Cynthia Deutsch, Faculty Association President
Ed McGee,  Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology Committee (E2IT) Chair
Muriel Mickles, VP, Academic, and Student Affairs
Chris Bryant, VP, Institutional Development 
John Capps, President
John Rocha, Facilities
Lewis Bryant, VP, Finance
Mary Zoccola, Classified Staff Association President
Jill Markwood, Public Relations and Marketing Chair

Will Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Elizabeth Narehood, Title III Director

Note: Conducted online (via email) from 04/16-21/2020

1. Debra Short (Chair) asked if there were any changes to the February 4, 2020 meeting minutes.  There were none.  The members were polled, and the meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

2. Debra Short emailed the agenda, which included a proposal from James Tuite, Evaluation and Assessment Committee for review, comment, and approval.


A brief description of the recommendation or proposal:
Revision to the Governance Model for Central Virginia Community College (Spring 2020)
(updated to reflect CVCC institutional changes
Proposed action plan for implementation:
Revisions to the Governance Model for Central Virginia Community College, dated April 17, 2018
The section in the online policy manual where this proposal (if passed by the CGC) should reside:

Update current version in Communique at

Are there any other offices/committees that should be included in this decision?

President’s Cabinet

 (This document was reviewed by affected stakeholders (the first request for comments was sent
on 2/12/2020) and referred to the Evaluation and Assessment Committee for approval.)

end of quote

The members were polled via email, and the motion was unanimously approved.

3. Kimberly French, the Student Success Committee Chair, nominated Debra Short to continue as the College Governance Council Chair during the upcoming academic year (2020-2021) 

The members were polled via email, and the motion was unanimously approved.



Debra Short (chair) informed the committee of the voting results via email. The meeting was adjourned on 04/21/2020 at 12:05 PM.

The next meeting will be in August 2020 (date to be determined)


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James Tuite
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