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Committee Name: College Governance Committee
Meeting Date: 4/27/2021 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett (Recorder, Professional Development and Part-Time Staff Association), Jim Tuite (Faculty Association), Raylene Cope (Classified Staff Association), Ed McGee (E2IT), Kimberly French (Student Success), John Capps (President’s Cabinet), David Lightfoot (President’s Cabinet), Kris Ogden (President’s Cabinet), Randall Franklin (President’s Cabinet), Will Sandidge (President’s Cabinet) Muriel Mickles (President’s Cabinet), Chris Bryant (President’s Cabinet), Karen Alexander (Curriculum and Instruction), Cynthia Deutsch (President’s Cabinet), William Wilkerson (President’s Cabinet), Natalie Prue (Marketing and Public Relations for Jill Markwood)
Debra Short (Chair, Employee Recognition), Jill Markwood (Marketing and Public Relations), Elizabeth Narehood (President’s Cabinet), Lewis Bryant (President’s Cabinet), Elizabeth Elam (Evaluation and Assessment), John Rocha (Finance and Facilities)
The virtual meeting was called to order by Kris Ogden at 1:03 PM.

Approval of Minutes from December 9, 2020:
John Capps moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting on December 9, 2020 and Jim Tuite seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as written.

E2IT Committee Proposal:
Ed McGee presented the committee with the “Mobile Computers & Accessories Issued to Faculty and Staff” proposal which defines the technology equipment that the College will provide for primary and secondary workspaces. David Lightfoot provided additional discussion and stated that the policy is being proposed in order to have consistency with what items the College is able to provide faculty and staff to support primary and secondary workspaces. While not all items can be duplicated (such as the computing device itself), other items will be, including two standalone monitors, docking station duplicated with a USB hub and power supply, and a cable to connect each external monitor. IT would remain responsible for supporting the provided equipment and users. The proposal also includes a copy of the VCCS Information Security Standards.
Additional technology needs or requests may be purchased by departmental or personal budgets as desired.
Raylene shared that the Classified Staff Association had Chris Jordan come to a meeting and review all the cables and accessories and what would typically need to move between workspaces. She offered to share this recording for anyone who is interested. 
Ed McGee moved to approve the policy and William Wilkerson seconded. The motion carried and will be presented to the President’s Cabinet as a Consent Agenda item at the next meeting.
This is the final meeting of the College Governance Committee scheduled for the academic year.
The meeting was adjourned by Kris Ogden at 1:15 PM.
Sarah Jarrett
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