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Committee Name: College Governance Committee
Meeting Date: 9/21/2021 12:00:00 AM
Debra Short (Chair, Employee Recognition), Sarah Jarrett (Recorder, Professional Development and Part-Time Staff Association, Karen Alexander (Curriculum and Instruction), James Tuite (E2IT), Elizabeth Elam (Evaluation and Assessment), John Rocha Jr. (Finance and Facilities), Jill Markwood (Marketing and Public Relations), Kimberly French (Student Success), Raylene Cope (Classified Staff Association), William Wilkerson (President’s Cabinet), David McGee (Faculty Association), John Capps (President’s Cabinet), Elizabeth Narehood (President’s Cabinet), Randall Franklin (President’s Cabinet), David Lightfoot (President’s Cabinet), Lewis Bryant (President’s Cabinet), Chris Bryant (President’s Cabinet),  Kris Ogden (President’s Cabinet), Cynthia Deutsch (President’s Cabinet)
Dianne Sykes (President’s Cabinet), Jeffrey Sydenstricker (Safety and Security), Will Sandidge (President’s Cabinet)
The virtual meeting was called to order by Debra Short at 1:03 PM.
Approval of Minutes from April 27, 2021:
John Capps moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting on April 27, 2021 and Cynthia Deutsch seconded the motion; the minutes were approved as written.

Nominations/Voting on Committee Chair and Recorder:
Debra Short nominated Sarah Jarrett to return as Recorder. Debra Short was nominated by Chris Bryant and seconded by Sarah Jarrett to return as Chair. The motion passed and both were approved to continue in these roles.

Public Relations and Marketing Proposal:
Jill Markwood brought forth a committee proposal to add the Coordinator of Business Partnerships for the CTE Academy as a permanent member, since this person is responsible for marketing this program.  Jim Tuite moved to approve, and David Lightfoot seconded the motion. The motion passed. It was also discussed that it might be good to also add a Foundation Board member to this committee as well and the PR and Marketing committee will discuss that suggestion at their next meeting.

Strategic Planning:
Cynthia Deutsch provided an update on Strategic Planning and some Equity focused initiatives that are in the works. She has been sending out Weekly Equity Chronicles to provide small bits of equity related data to the campus community and these have been well-received. These are sent out each Thursday to share both equity related challenges and successes. She is putting together an Ad Hoc Strategic Planning committee representing all College constituencies to delve deeper into these topics and review comments and suggestions as well as the survey responses she is receiving from her outreach. Anyone who is interested in joining this effort should reach out to Cynthia via email.

Raylene Cope moved and Cynthia Deutsch seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1:11 PM.

Sarah Jarrett
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