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Committee Name: College Governance Committee
Meeting Date: 4/26/2022 12:00:00 AM
Members Present: Debra Short (Chair, Employee Recognition), Sarah Jarrett (Recorder, Professional Development and Part-Time Staff Association, John Capps (President’s Cabinet), James Tuite (E2IT), Jill Markwood (Marketing and Public Relations), William Wilkerson (President’s Cabinet), David McGee (Faculty Association), Elizabeth Narehood (President’s Cabinet), Randall Franklin (President’s Cabinet), Cynthia Deutsch (President’s Cabinet), Elizabeth Elam (Evaluation and Assessment), David Lightfoot (President’s Cabinet), John Rocha Jr. (Finance and Facilities), Raylene Cope (Classified Staff Association), Karen Alexander (Curriculum and Instruction)
Lewis Bryant (President’s Cabinet), Dianne Sykes (President’s Cabinet), Jeffrey Sydenstricker (Safety and Security), Will Sandidge (President’s Cabinet), Kris Ogden (President’s Cabinet), Kimberly French (Student Success)
The virtual meeting was called to order by Debra Short at 1:03 PM.

Approval of Minutes from March 22, 2022:
Cynthia Deutsch moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting on March 22,2022, and Jill Markwood seconded the motion; the minutes were approved as written.

Faculty Association Proposal
A proposal was presented from the Faculty Association regarding requirements for faculty to post grades for students prior to the withdrawal deadline as well as prior to the end of the semester to enable students to make informed decisions about withdrawing or dropping classes.

Jim Tuite moved to approve the proposal and Cynthia Deutsch seconded. The motion was approved without further discussion.

Debra Short reminded everyone that a new chair will need to be elected at the first meeting of the new year once all the committee chairs are in place. She does not plan to return to the position.

Jim Tuite moved and John Capps seconded, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:06 PM.
Sarah Jarrett
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