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CGC Items Approved by Presidents Cabinet

President’s Cabinet CGC Items Approval
The President’s Cabinet Unanimously Approved:
New Strategic Planning and Budget Timeline Template and an Annual Budget Planning Committee
Located in Governance Model Document beginning on Page 8
Request to Add an Athletics Committee to the Governance Model
Located on Page 17 of the Governance Model Document
For Tuition Reimbursement for 2013-2014
For the Threat Assessment Committee to Serve as a Separate Committee rather than a part of the CARE Team
Cougar Award
Professional Development Achievement Rewards for Classified Staff
Professional Development Policy
Simplify the online awards nomination form from five sections to one section for all employee awards (except Outstanding Faculty)
Part-time Professional Development Achievement Award
CVCC Video Security/Surveillance Doctrine
World Wide Web Content Policy
Branding Policy
Link to follow
Part-Time Staff Association By-Laws
Strategic Planning Goals & Supporting Strategies
Contractor/Vendor Access Identification Procedure
Changes to Public Relations and Marketing Committee Membership 
Replace the Dean of Student Services or designee with the Dean of Enrollment Management
and make the term permanent.
Replace the Marketing representative with the PR & Marketing Coordinator and make the
term permanent.
Changes to the Cougar Awards
Add the following bullet to the criteria of the Cougar Award nomination:
How the nominee displays a high level of customer service when working with
students, colleagues, and/or the general public.
Increase the amount of the cougar award from $25 to $50 and present the award twice 
a month.
12-14-15 ​ Changes to the Awards from the Employee Recognition Committee
 1.     Present all employees that receive service awards with a $100 Check and a framed certificate. We will frame the ‘state’ certificate for faculty and classified employees and for the part time employees we will frame the new certificate designed by Jill Markwood. Approximately, 41 employees will get service awards at the December 17th luncheon (29 faculty/classified staff and 12 part-time staff).
2.     We are asking for an increase in our budget of approximately $820 ($20 per frame)
3.     IRS regulations specify that the college must include the amount of the gift cards in employees' earnings statementsAll checks are subject to payroll taxes
 This will be implemented December 17, 2015, at the Holiday Luncheon when service awards will be presented.
Outstanding Adjunct Award
The CGC approved (through an email vote) a new Outstanding Adjunct Award with a monetary value of $500. It will be presented to two adjuncts in May along with the Outstanding Administrative Faculty, Outstanding Full-time, Outstanding Part-time, and the Employee of the Year. The Governance Council has also approved adding adjuncts to the list of employees eligible for the Cougar Awards.
2-29-16​ ​ Outstanding Adjunct Award
The CGC approved (through an email vote) a new Outstanding Adjunct Award with a monetary value of $500. It will be presented to two adjuncts in May along with the Outstanding Administrative Faculty, Outstanding Full-time, Outstanding Part-time, and the Employee of the Year. The Governance Council has also approved adding adjuncts to the list of employees eligible for the Cougar Awards.
​4-11-16 Adjunct Workforce Faculty Award
The CGC approved the proposal from the Employee Recognition Awards Committee to award one workforce adjunct each year with a $500 award. The criteria includes the adjunct must have received an “excellent” on the classroom visitation evaluations conducted by the Division Dean, Program Head, Department Head, or Program Coordinator during the first semester of teaching, and must have received an average of 4.5 and above on their student evaluations.
Branding Manual
The CGC approved the proposal from the Public Relations and Marketing Committee’s revision of the College’s Branding & Style Manual which will be placed on CVCC’s website.
Governance Meeting Proposal
The CGC approved the proposal of the Compliance Committee to dissolve the Compliance Committee and allow individual committees to better handle issues related to their specific tasks.
Social Committee Request:
Add Culinary Arts Program Director as a permanent member of the committee
Roles and Responsibilities for the College Governance Council
Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitate/oversee the operation and maintenance of the Governance to enhance better communication by adding the following duties:
·       Updates/changes to the model that comes through the CGC
·       Ensures that committees’ minutes are posted within two weeks of the meeting
·       Updates and publishes annual meeting calendar
·       Updates and publishes committee membership roster based on input from constituency groups
·       Establish the Committee on Committees as an Ad Hoc committee
College Support for Part-Time Staff
Need to clarify in writing the College and supervisors’ support for part-time staff to participate in the Governance Model of CVCC though constituency groups as well as governance committees.
E2IT Request
E2IT Committee request that CVCC cease the use of student Roaming Profiles at the end of the spring, 2016 semester and encourage students to utilize cloud storage for their files.
Faculty Award Program Change Request
Add the following:
·       Be an active participant in the committee structure of the college, or be in a position that makes active participation impossible.
·       And may receive an award only once in any three-year period.
Compliance Committee Request
Establish an Institutional Review Board Handbook and policy (which will reside in the Employee Manual) that applies to all research that would utilize CVCC students, faculty, staff, resources, or data, and is hot conducted directly by CVCC for the primary purposes of internal decision-making and institutional effectiveness.
Revision to the Outstanding Faculty Award
​The proposal included the addition of a form to faculty’s Annual Performance and Professional Development Objectives (APPDO) that require faculty to opt-in or out of having their APPDO information supplied upon request 
when nominated for the Outstanding Faculty Award. This will allow the process to remain anonymous 
until the awards are announced. The form was developed and approved with consultation from Academic Deans.
​11-07-16 Policy Proposal from the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee
A policy statement and process that combines College, VCCS, SCHEV, and SACSCOC policies, standards and requirements to guide the development and modification of curricula and courses at CVCC was approved at the CGC meeting of October 25, 2016. The policy was created and reviewed within the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee and recommended for approval by the College Governance Committee.
​12-12-16 Updates to the Classified Staff Association Constitution
The Classified Staff Association updated their Constitution with the following:
1.       Defined in greater detail the objectives of the Classified Staff Association.
2.       Updated process for amending the Constitution and calling special meetings when needed
3.       Updated language in the Constitution to adapt to the Governance Committee model.
4.       Added Commonwealth of Virginia definition of a classified staff employee.
5.       Defined percentage of membership needed for a quorum (10%).
6.       Established a process for online voting after meetings when needed.
7.       Added more descriptive duties of Classified Staff Association officers and their terms as officers 

​2-6-17 Official CVCC Blue Color Change for the Style Guide
The Public Relations and Marketing Committee recently completed a small revision of the Branding & Style Manual. In revising the Manual the Committee :
a.       Changed the college color from Pantone Reflex Blue to Pantone 293C
b.      Added web based colors
c.        Updated the web address and email addresses
Remove off-site centers from bottom of stationary and added Proudly serving the city of Lynchburg and the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell
​2-6-17 Professional Development Plan
·         Hiring a Coordinator of Professional Development that will be responsible for managing the Professional Development Plan and communicating the offerings.
·         Revamping the New Employee Orientation Programs to include:
§   Student Success (Dean of Student Success Office)
§  Institutional Equity (Dean of Institutional Effectiveness office)
§  Policies and Procedures (HR office, Campus Police office, others as deemed necessary)
§  Human Resources Services for CVCC Employees (HR office)
Campus Tours
·         Providing a comprehensive on-campus training program.
·         Including a wider group of employees.
  • Providing certainty in the approval of funding requests
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