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Cultural, Diversity & International Education Committee
 August 28, 2012, 1 p.m.
Members Present: 
Linda Adams, Lorenz Chan, Connie Deacon, Abraham Hebert (student government representative), Elena Killian, Jill Markwood, John McCullough, Jim Patterson, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott, Priscilla Shilaro, Rick Tyler, and Sandra Viar.
Members Absent:
Candace Ferguson, Priscilla Liggon and Diane Shields
New Business:
Linda Adams called the meeting to order to elect chair and recorder.
A vote was held and Rick Tyler agreed to be Chairman and Barbara Scott Recorder.
Funding for the committee was discussed.  The committee is now a combination of two committees and hopefully funding will include both amounts.  Mr. Tyler will find out what funding is available for the committee.
Mr. Tyler requested each member email him dates of activities committee members expected the committee to support.   Examples were World Aids Day, Art Shows, and International Day.   Washington, D.C. trip and a trip to Staunton to the theater was also discussed.  October 5, Paula Poundstone event was mentioned.   A calendar of committee events will be created and posted on the web. 
Election year discussion of possible big issues was held.  An Oxford style informative meeting, with a moderator, open to the public was discussed.   The committee preferred a local issue or statewide issue be discussed using this format.  Mr. Tyler requested an email be sent to him if a hot topic issue could be provided.  A table for pamphlets from each party was discussed. 
The committee meeting ended at 2 p.m.
Submitted by,
Barbara Scott
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