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Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee
 October 2, 2012
Members Present:
Lorenz Chan, Connie Deacon, Abraham Hebert, Jill Markwood, John McCullough, Jim Patterson,
Michelle Penner, Warren Rose, Barbara Scott, Rick Tyler and Sandra Viar.
Members Absent:
Linda Adams, Candace Ferguson, Elena Killian, Priscilla Liggon, Priscilla Shilaro and
Diane Shields.
Old Business
Rick Tyler called the meeting to order at 1 p.m.  A motion was made to waive the reading of the last minutes.  The motion passed.  A correction of the minutes was made to correct History Day to March 23.
Thirty tickets have been ordered for the Staunton, VA trip to the American Shakespeare Center to see The Two Gentlemen of Verona on November 2.  Two vans will be leaving CVCC at 4 p.m.  Ticket prices are $10 for students and $15 for non-students.  A deadline of October 22 for payment is required.  Reservations will be made through Jim Patterson and Rick Tyler.  Jill Markwood had the committee view the advertising flyer for this event.  A few changes were made and the flyer was approved.  Linda Adams will be requested to email students this event flyer.  Muriel Mickles will be requested to email flyer to faculty and staff.
Rick Tyler mentioned Elena  Killian will be having a meeting regarding World Aid’s Day soon.
Jill Markwood suggested a My Sites area on the computer to allow members to work together.   Will Perez can be contacted for this item.
The D.C. bus trip was discussed.  It was suggested that a Friday worked better than a Saturday.  Attendance for the trip was higher on a Friday.   This trip will be March after spring break and a date will need to be finalized.  This date will need to be worked around the Art Fair Day which is held for the area public school systems.  Rick asked everyone to bring two or three suggestions for the trip to the next meeting.   This is Women’s Year so that may be an emphasis for a museum tour.
International Day and Art Show Day is usually held on the same day.  Jill Markwood will work on finalizing that date.  This program is typically held near the student picnic date for the spring semester. 
Black History Day is March 23 and Debbie Marshall will need to be contacted regarding student club activities and need for a speaker.
New Business:
Abraham Hebert mentioned the SGA guest speaker Elaine Williams.  She will be a guest speaker on October 23 regarding substance abuse.  She is a comedian with a wonderful way to approach this topic.  Barbara Scott volunteered to email the Health and Administration of Justice teachers to encourage participation.    Mr. Hebert mentioned there was a wonderful turn out for the last speaker, a historical period actor impersonating John Rollison, 1725-1780, portrayed by James A. Cameron, Jr.  Instructors were encouraged to again provide support for this speaker.
No other questions were raised and the committee adjourned at 1:45 p.m.
Submitted by
Barbara Scott
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