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Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee
 January 15, 2013
Members Present:
Lorenz Chan, John McCullough, Jim Patterson, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott, and Rick Tyler
Members Absent:
Linda Adams, Connie Deacon, Candace Ferguson, Abraham Herbert, Elena Killian, Priscilla Liggon, Jill Markwood, Warren Rose, Priscilla Shilaro, Warren Rose, Diane Shields, and Sandra Viar.
Old Business
A request was made by Debbie Marshall for a contribution to support Black History Month February expenditures.    A $300 contribution was requested.  A motion was made by Michelle Penner and approved by the committee.
The Washington, D.C. trip was discussed.  The bus trip will be Friday, March 15 with flyers going out soon.  The bus will leave at 6:30 a.m., dropping off at the Washington Mall and picking back up at 5 p.m. for trip to Kennedy Center for Chieftains Concert.  Fifty tickets have been ordered.  Cost for tickets will be set at $25 each.  Concert will begin at 8 p.m. Breakfast goodies will be provided to help make only one pit stop along the way.  Mr. Tyler will check with Panera Bread for selections and cost.   Faculty need to email Rick Tyler if they would like to lead a group.  Mr. Tyler plans to lead a group to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the National Gallery.  Ms. Penner will also lead a group.  Plans will be finalized at the February 19 meeting.
New Business
Another trip to Staunton was suggested to see The Country Wife for February.  Lorenz Chan made a suggestion for a trip to Washington in the fall to visit the White House. 
There was no further discussion and the meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted
Barbara Scott
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