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Cultural Diversity Committee
August 27, 2013
Members Present:  Barbara Scott, Candace Ferguson, Jim Patterson, Lorenz Chan, Michelle Penner, Jill Markwood, Dani van Vierssen, Connie Deacon, David McGee, Robert Moden, Rick Tyler, Wanda McGee, Abraham Hebert
Members Absent: John McCullough, Sandra Viar, Elena Killian
$10,000 as last year’s budget
·         Motion for Dani as new secretary
·         Update for framing of college
o   Didn’t go through
o   $1150 for framing should be provided by J. Poole
o   Agreed to another $2,000 worth of framing for this year’s budget
o   Student center and common areas
·         D.C. Bus Trip
o   Exhibit at National Gallery through October 6, suggested by Rick.
o   October 5th tentatively (passed unanimously)
o   September 28th as back-up date
o   Bus companies ® Lynchburg/ Bob + Joyce
§  Rick to call this week, Wanda to send details to Jill, Jill marketed
o   Departure at 6:30 to arrive at 10:30
o   Departure at 5:00 pm
o   Price ???
o   Jill is putting together marketing
·         Staunton trip ® 33 leftover tickets
o   Tabled to next meeting (Oct. 1)
·         Set dates for all other annual events
·         Speakers for brown bag lunch ® out of scope of committee
·         Big Read book
o   Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
o   Late March, early April
o   Tabled
·         Art show at noon on Fridays
o   6 art exhibits at $150 is $900
o   Food $100
o   Vote $1500 budget  passed unanimously
·         Evaluation forms for busses
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