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Cultural Diversity Committee
September 5, 2013

Present: D. McGee, W, McGee, T. Anthony, R. Tyler, M. Penner, L. Chan, S. Viar, R. Shiree
Absent: B. Scott, J Patterson, A. Hebert, J. Markwood
Old Business:
$800 worth of tickets leftover to Shakespeare Company in Staunton that must be used by 2013. Rick to check to see if we can use them in the Spring. Dates for upcoming plays were discussed. It was decided that if tickets do not carry over to Spring that “All’s Well that Ends Well” on November 1st would best to attend.
Lorenz recommended attending another local theatre in Gretna. Wanda requested that the schedules for local theatres are sent to her so committee can decide which performances to attend. Sandra also suggested to look at performances at 4 year colleges in the area.
New Business:
Washington D.C. Trip will be the weekend of October 5th. The operating budget for the year is $7,844.46
Rick Tyler said we had 2 bus options for 54 passenger buses: Lynchburg and Bob & Joyce, which rent for the same price of $ 1,450. He confirmed a tentative booking for Lynchburg Bus Company.
Motion to sell tickets for $20, which will be sold out of the Student Activities Office was carried. Wanda or Jill will create marketing materials so that we can begin advertising for trip next week. The trip will be limited to the CVCC community, with no children under the age of 12 allowed. It was decided that CVCC students that are under the age of 16 will be allowed to attend with parental consent/signature.
The bus will depart at 6:30am from CVCC and will make one stop on way to D.C. David McGee agreed to purchase water bottles for the trip.
David suggested that the trip be more structured than in past years to emphasize its educational purpose. The committee agreed that the morning will be designated for staff led tours of the museums. David offered to lead a group to the Holocaust Museum, Michelle offered to lead group to Natural History Museum and Rick offered to lead a group to the Art Exhibit. It was suggested that groups be dismissed @ 12:30 -1:00pm and the rest of the afternoon can be self-led.
Royal stated that the Slavery Museum be coupled in with the trip to the Holocaust museum.
Tanita provided a student perspective stating that if it was mandatory to go to museums in the morning students would participate.
Tentatively, the bus will leave D.C. at 5:30pm and will make one stop on the way home for dinner. Michelle suggested stopping @ Gainesville because of the variety of restaurants in the area. Rick stated that he would talk to bus company to get recommendations about places to stop
Next Meeting: October 1st in Room 5209
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