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Cultural Diversity Committee
October 1, 2013

Present: D. McGee, W, McGee, T. Anthony, R. Tyler, M. Penner, L. Chan, B. Scott, A. Hebert, J. Markwood, B. Moden, J Patterson
Absent: S. Viar
Old Business:
It was decided that the Washington D.C. Trip cancelled due to the government shut down. The bus company will let us cancel reservation without penalty. Dani will e-mail all participants on the sign-up list to tell them to pick up their refunds in Student Activities
New Business:
Committee needs to select a show to use the remaining 30 tickets for Shakespeare Theatre in Staunton. Rick stated that the Servant of Two Masters is on February 7th, which the committee agreed would be a good show for the students.
Also discussed that the Christmas Carol, which is showing on December 6th would be a popular show for students to attend. Rick will see if we can use the tickets for this show.
Wanda stated that we will need volunteers to drive vans to Staunton. Lorenz, Rick, Michelle and Wanda all volunteered to drive.
Wanda proposed the idea that we have a spring bus trip. David recommended we consider a different location like the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh after International Week. This led to a discussion about International Week events.
Lorenz suggested we invite James Reid to speak to kick off International Week.
Debbie Marshall requested funds for Black History Month dinner. It was suggested that EWABO, the African dance group, return for Black History Month.
Rick said he wants to attend the showing of Macbeth, which is $14 a ticket.
Michelle suggested we go to the Mayor museum. Wanda will talk to the docent.
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