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Cultural Diversity Committee
November 12, 2013

Present: D. McGee, W, McGee, T. Anthony, R. Tyler, M. Penner, L. Chan, B. Scott, A. Hebert, J. Markwood, B. Moden, J Patterson
Absent: S. Viar
Old Business:
Wanda is selling tickets for the Christmas Carol, which is on December 6th
New Business:
Discussed attending another play in January. David suggested “Elvis has Left the Building” at Renaissance Theatre. Rick will check into to details and pricing.
Debbie Marshall has asked the committee to assist in Black History Month in February.
Rescheduled visit to the Maier Museum at Randolph for March 21st.
The student art show will take place on April 25th. There will be a limit of one piece per student. Jill will handle the student art show, as usual.
As suggested by Lorenz, South America expert James Reid will kick off international week on Tuesday, April 15th. Wanda will be in contact with Mr. Reid.
The committee decided to add another play trip on February 7th. Rick will handle securing 30 tickets for “Servant of Two Masters.” The price will be $10 for students and $15 for faculty and staff.
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