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Cultural Diversity Committee
January 14, 2014

Present: R. Tyler, M. Penner, J. Markwood, B. Moden, J Patterson, D. van Vierssen
Absent: L. Chan, T. Anthony, A. Hebert, B. Scott
Committee needed to elect a new chairperson for the semester. Jim Patterson nominated Michelle Penner, which was seconded by Bob Moden. The committee unanimously agreed.
After hosting a trip to see the Christmas Carol in December at the American Shakespeare Center, the committee had leftover tickets (13-14 tickets out of 30). Rick provided the update that 30 tickets were paid in full for Servant of Two Masters on February 7th but we still have about $400 worth of tickets left over. Jill to make poster for Servant of Two Masters.
 The committee discussed whether we should save the remaining tickets for future trips or try to get a refund. Michelle motioned to let tickets ride for now instead of seeking a refund so that the committee can look into summer shows.
The committee agreed.
As discussed at the last committee meeting, Rick looked into ticket pricing and availability for Elvis has Left the Building at the Renaissance Theatre. Student tickets are $15. Committee decided it would be best just to advertise on bulletin boards but not get a group together due to the short time-frame
Michelle talked to Ms. Peters about giving a docent tour on March 21st at 3:00pm at the Maier Museum, for which admission is free. Jim Patterson will keep the sign-up sheets and field trip releases for students. The group will meet in parking lot at 2:15pm and leave by 2:30pm. Michelle to reserve school van. Jim to confirm with the museum. Jill will organize a poster.
Jill provided updates on the Student Art Show. Since the show cannot be held in the Student Center anymore, it will be held in Merritt Hall during the last 2 weeks of classes. Due to the limited space, students will be limited to providing 1 piece of artwork to display. Michelle recommended food/snacks to be put in separate room to avoid over-crowding. Jill said she doesn’t want it to take away from the show and might move furniture to provide more space.
David McGee already reserved buses for trip to North Carolina on April 19th, but still need to purchase tickets for entrance to the museum. It was agreed that the committee wants to have up to 50 people on the trip. The group will be going to the North Carolina Museum of Art and Nasher Museum at Duke University. Michelle recommended that the group go to the Nasher Museum first, followed by lunch and then the North Carolina Museum of Art before heading back to Lynchburg. The committee unanimously agreed. Michelle to make arrangements with the museums.
The committee received a memo from Lorna Nelson about taking a trip with her class to see a 3-D printer. Jill said we have one in Campbell hall, which was confirmed by Jeff Laub.  Michelle to inform Lorna.
Rick mentioned an incredible new exhibit at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts called Hollywood Costume, which closes February 17th. The committee debated on whether or not we had enough time to organize a trip on such short notice. Michelle suggested doing a day trip on February 14th. Rick to lead project and check costs. Committee might subsidize cost for trip based on budget.
Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm.
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