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Cultural Diversity Committee
January 30, 2014

Present: M. Penner, J. Markwood, B. Moden, J Patterson, D. van Vierssen
Absent: L. Chan, R. Tyler, B. Scott
I.                    Approval of Minutes from last Meeting
Bob motioned to approve minutes from meeting on January 14th. Committee unanimously agreed and minutes were approved
II.                  Old Business
I.        Maier Museum
·         Michelle stated that both school vans have been reserved for the trip to the Maier Museum and the 3:00pm tour time has been confirmed.
II.      Student Art Show
·         Jill provided updates on the progress of the Student Art Show. The submission requirements need to be rewritten to include restricted size limit of student art pieces due to the smaller showcase space in Merritt Hall.

III.    International Week
·         Bob offered to take over the coordination of International Day. He will reserve the Multipurpose room for International Day activities. Jill to make poster for the event.
·         Dani stated she would talk to Roanoke Dance group and get estimated date and costs.
·         Michelle to talk to James Reid about coming to campus for International Week. Estimated cost of his travel, lodging and meals is $700.
·         Lorenz has offered to coordinate salsa dancing for International week.
·         Michelle offered to talk about African art collection, which committee agreed would be good to add.
·         Committee also agreed would be nice to add Asian culture into International Week. Bob and Dani offered to check with Asian clubs at local colleges.
·         Budget in for International week in the past has been $900 for materials.
IV.    April Trip
·         Michelle stated that both The Nasher Museum and the NC Museum of Art are free for college students, but groups must be accompanied by a faculty/staff chaperone. Michelle looked into prices with museums and Lynchburg Bus Company but neither have responded with pricing.
·         The committee decided that students should still be charged $10 to ensure they will attend. The Nasher Museum offers a docent tour for 1 hour, which can be followed by 1 hour to look at other exhibits. Committee decided the group can stop for lunch in Carry and plan to arrive at NC Museum of Art between 1:30-2pm. Michelle stated that there is a possible docent tour at the NC Museum of Art but self-guided tours are also available at NC Museum of Art.
·         Committee decided that the group should consist of 50 students max at $10 apiece. The committee also agreed that the cost can be subsidize for faculty/staff based on the price of tickets.
·         Current bus costs are estimated at $950, which is based on quote provided for the D.C. Trip. Still waiting to hear back from Lynchburg Bus Company with final quotes.
V.      June Trip to Staunton
·         The committee unanimously selected the Merry Wives of Windsor on Friday, June 13th for show to attend in June.  
VI.    Update for trip to Richmond on February 14th
·         School vans and 1 enterprise van have been reserved. If we are low on numbers signing up Rick Tyler to cancel enterprise van.
VII.  Budget update
·         Michelle provided a projected budget update and stated that committee will have approximately $1,200 – 1,500 remaining for spring events. Jill offered to research what is going on at Academy and Lynchburg Symphony. Other committee members to also think of ideas and share at next meeting.
III.                New Business
I.        Ticket refund/guarantee policy
·         Based on past experienced committee decided it needs a firm ticket refund policy. It was suggested that payment must be handed in a week before performance to guarantee a spot and that refunds would be given up until that point. Committee will continue to work on developing policy.
II.      Returned checks
·         Michelle to check with Peggy Samuels to see what accounting policy is on checks that bounce so committee can follow same guidelines.
III.    Policy for application for funds to support events
·         Committee to formalize an application for groups/individuals seeking funding from committee. Application to include details of the event, how it benefits students, why supports mission of committee etc. and needs to be submitted 30 days minimum before event. Dani to create template and send to committee for edits.
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