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Cultural Diversity Committee
February 18, 2014

Present: M. Penner, J. Markwood, B. Moden, J Patterson, D. van Vierssen, L. Chan, R. Tyler, B. Scott
Absent: K. Greene
I.                    Approval of Minutes from last Meeting
Dani to send out minutes from January 30th via e-mail for approval.
II.                  Old Business
I.        Rick
a)  Staunton Trip
·         Only had 9 people attended
b)      Richmond trip (that wasn’t)
·         Going to get $ back but still have to pay for van. Rick gave receipt to Diane who is processing DPR and receiving reports
c)   Staunton Trip 6/13/14
·         34 tickets left over from previous trip
·         Committee selected Merry Wives of Windsor as June show in previous meeting
II.      Maier Museum
·         Jim has waiver form printed and is ready for people to register for trip
·         Advertising will start on March 1st
·         Michelle has reserved vans -- group will be leaving the parking lot at 2:15pm

III.    International Week
a)James Reid
·         James Reid is willing to come to campus and has asked for travel expenses on train, as well as room and board to be paid for, which Michelle estimated the price to be $700-800
·         He is willing to do 2 lectures on Tuesday April 15th -- one larger lecture @1 o’clock and 1 smaller lecture for Club Latino @ 7pm
·         The committee agreed he should stay an extra day to explore the area and have member of the committee take him on a drive through mountains
b)      African Dance Troup
·         Dani has not heard back from dance group out of Roanoke so will check to see if Jabali Afrika can come on Wednesday, April 16th
c)  Salsa Lessons
·         Lorenz to give Dani contact information for Salsa instructor so we can have them come on Monday, April 14th
d)      International Food Festival
·         Bob working on International Food Festival room reservations
·         Lorenz mentioned that we should have the singer from last year attend again, to which the committee agreed
e)     Asia
·         Bob to talk to Vietnamese students about coming to International week
·         Michelle mentioned that Marci’s son also studied abroad in Vietnam last semester so committee could ask him to participate
f) International Films
·         Committee discussed offering showings of International films during International Week. Rick offered to bring 4-5 films to next meeting for committee to select 2-3 to show during week
IV.    April Trip
·         Lynchburg Bus Company still not getting back to Michelle on prices.
·         Museums are all set. NCMA allows free admission for students, admission for 5 adults for free and 1 free chaperone per 10 students. It costs $5 a tickets past the 5 free adults.
·         Reserved tour at Nasher Museum @ 10am. Group will meet at CVCC at 7am and bus will leave at 7:15am
·         NCMA docent tour scheduled @ 2pm followed by self-guided tour at 3:15pm
·         Group will stop by for dinner on the way home.
·          Committee agreed on $10 price per person.
V.      Student Art Show
·         No updates on Student Art show. Jill mentioned that Teresa Smith Moss, an ’84 Alumna of CVCC, will be exhibiting her work 11:30am-1pm on March 7th
VI.    Gospel Fest
·      Committee has not heard any information about the Gospel Fest after the initial request for funds from Debbie Marshall
VII.  Ticket Refund/guarantee Policy
·      Committee to draft formal statement to put on release forms
VIII.   Policy on Application for funds
·            Dani created a draft of application form. Committee agreed that we should include our mission statement and the committee’s requirements for the event such as publicity, event reports etc. on the form.
III.                New Business
I.        Funding Request from Jessica Hogan
·         Asking for funds to help support member of the National Institute of Health that will be coming to CVCC on April 17th to give presentation on Henrietta Lacks cells
·         Committee agreed that more information was needed on how the event fit into the mission of the committee before making final decisions
II.      Visit from Sonia Nazario
a) Lorenz proposed we host Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique’s Journey, which is a national bestselling book on immigration. Cost would be approximately $1,500 for travel, lodging and honorarium. Committee discussed hosting presentation on Monday, April 14th as opening to International Week. Presentation would be in the evening and open to the public
b)   Lorenz to contact Sonia to see if she is available
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