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August 26, 2014
Members Present:   Caroline Bailey, Lorenz Chan, Brandon Huynh, Robert Moden, Jim Patterson, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott, and Rick Tyler.
Members Absent:  Jill Markwood, Tim Wilhelm, student activities coordinator (TBA) and one student representative (TBA).
New Business:  Michelle Penner welcomed everyone back and reviewed the budget.   Commitments that were typical from last year are International Food Festival $900 and BSA $300.  There are no Artist openings scheduled for this year. The Jabali African Group from Kenya has performed twice last year.  This is a group sponsored by student activities.  We may want to look at other regional groups.
Ms. Penner suggested and the committee approved planning fall semester in advance during the previous spring semester.  Plans could be quickly finalized at the first meeting of the committee in August, which would allow bus trip reservations in advance and publications could be started.
The committee discussed a bus trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg before fall break.  Different prices for the trip were discussed.  Jill Markwood would be asked to prepare a poster.  Jill does an excellent job and a draft copy will be sent to committee members for input.   Bob Moden and Michelle Penner will be the point of contact for tickets.   This trip will be open to CVCC students, faculty and staff.  Students must be 16 years of age or older.
A fall semester trip to the Taubman and the Science Museum of Western Virginia in Roanoke was discussed.  Cost would be very minimal for students.  College van and one other fourteen passenger van could be used.  Exhibits of work by a contemporary of Frida Kahlo and replicas from King Tut’s tomb will be on display.  A tentative date of October 15 was discussed. 
Rick Tyler discussed the dates to attend a Shakespeare play in Staunton.  October 24 was the agreed upon date.  Ticket cost for students would be less because tickets remain from last spring semester due to weather conditions.  Comedy of Errors is the play performance for October 24.  Mr. Tyler thought students would really enjoy this play.   Point of contact will be Rick Tyler for tickets and he will drive one of the vans.  Ms. Markwood will be asked to prepare a poster for publication.
Mr. Tyler will be directing Little Town Players in Bedford.  The play is Barefoot in the Park and will show during a two to three week period in March.  More information will follow. 
Ms. Penner discussed bringing back Taylor Mali.  It has been five years since his last presentation.  Tickets were sold out due to lots of media coverage.  Mr. Mali would present in several English classes, as well as a day and evening session.  This might be possible in his schedule towards the end of February 2015.  This would depend on how well he would negotiate his price. 
Barbara Scott, Recorder
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