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Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee
 September 30, 2014
Members Present:   Lorenz Chan, Curtis Davis, Jill Markwood, Robert Moden, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott and Tim Wilhelm
Members Absent:  Caroline Bailey, Priscilla Liggon, Jim Patterson, Rick Tyler and Brandon Huynh
Michelle Penner opened meeting and the previous minutes were reviewed.  There were no additions or changes and the minutes were approved as stated.
New Business
Jessica Hogan presented information regarding, Frank Warren, an author she would like brought to campus.  This author has collected handmade postcards regarding secrets and every year or two has published a book.  He has been a speaker at many universities.  This opens an avenue for discussion for students, returning soldiers, suicide awareness, and community issues. Art in social change, non-violent discussion that does not promote hate or violence in a non-judgmental format. 
Committee members thought this was a great opportunity for many classes, especially Psychology, English or Art area.  Last year’s speaker was well attended but covered the science area.  This committee could help with blank postcards for meetings and a box to hold secrets.  Funding for this speaker would need to come from many sources.  Money to bring Taylor Mali here in the spring semester causes low funds for this sponsorship.  Committee tentatively agreed on support of $2,000.  A mention of support from Mike Bradhshaw in the College Foundation area is limited to $2,500 per group.  Ms. Hogan will ask Foundation for support.   Opening up Mr. Warren’s speaking engagement to the public for a minimal fee would produce some funding.  The committee thought it was a great idea and would like more information on cost.  Ms. Hogan will check on costs and engagement times for spring 2015.
Old Business
Mr. Moden and Ms. Penner have sold nine tickets for the Williamsburg bus trip.  Ms. Pennner will check with the bus line to see if we can receive a refund for the bus deposit, if we promise to use their company for the spring Washington trip.    The committee decided to cancel the Williamsburg trip based on lack of student interest.  There are currently seven tickets sold for the Shakespeare trip on October 24.  Comedy of Errors is an excellent play that students would enjoy.     
Ms. Penner is working to finalize November 8 trip to the Science Museum and Planetarium. A vote was taken to charge $5 for students and part-time staff; and $15 for faculty, staff or any non-students attending.  Amount to charge for the trip was approved unanimously.
Caroline Bailey has emailed Washington trip ideas and maps.  More discussion will be held at the next meeting.   Other spring activities are the International Food Festival, Student Art Show, The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare play, Staunton, VA trip and possibility of Taylor Mali.
Barbara Scott
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