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Cultural, Diversity, and International Education Meeting Minutes
Rescheduled February 19, 2015
Members Present: Caroline Bailey, Lorenz Chan, Jill Mirkwood, and Michelle Penner
Members Absent: Brandon Huynh, Hermina Hendricks, Robert Moden, Jim Patterson, Barbara Scott, and Tim Wilhelm.
Due to Barbara Scott’s absent Caroline Bailey was asked and agreed to take minutes.
Old Business:
It was reiterated that the International Festival will be the second full week in April, April 13th- 17th.
The Staunton trip to the Shakespeare Center, on February 13, was a moderate success. Out of the fifteen people that signed up thirteen showed. Maria’s Pizza was enjoyed by all. Caroline agreed that Maria’s Pizza was great, inexpensive, and offered delicious food.
New Business:
It was suggested to bring a Henna Tattoos artist from D.C. for International Week.  After reassuring there is no liability risk, such as possible infections or piercings, everyone unanimously agreed. Lorenz stated that it is very popular.
Final decisions were made regarding the Washington D.C. trip. It was decided to allow students, faculty, and staff to freely roam which ever museum they chose. Michelle suggested having some committee members go to certain museums, not to give tours, but to give students the option to go as a group. It will not be the responsibility of the faculty/staff members to keep tabs on the students until time to leave D.C. that evening. The bus will leave CVCC, March 21, at 6:30 am and leave D.C. at 5:00 pm and a head count will be taken. Everyone agreed that will give the students and faculty/staff enough time to tour a good number of museums. On the way back to CVCC, dinner will be in Gainesville or in a strip mall a few miles from there.
The deadline is set for March 16, giving people enough time to sign-up but will be extended if there are still seats on the bus available.
Jill is making pamphlets for the trip and will attach the information Caroline Bailey researched, earlier, to give a sense of what is in D.C.  She is also making a poster that will include some of the museums available to the students and faculty/staff.
To boost awareness of the trips/events Jill suggested leaving information with Trina Boyd, Counseling, or in the snack area, where there is high traffic. Michelle will ask if that is possible. An “everyone” email will also be sent with this information from the correct source, such as Diane Sykes.
Michelle has sent information regarding the Duke Ellington Uptown performance, next Thursday 26, to Sweet Briar College, Lynchburg College, and Hermina Hendricks to increase participation. She will contact The Ellington, of Lynchburg, to inform them of the upcoming performance, as well.
The fall semester events need to be planned before the fall semester to ensure participation and that the Faculty will allow their students to attend/miss class. Michelle suggested bring The North Carolina Touring Theatre back in the fall on Veteran’s Day because they have a lot of material pertaining to celebrating Veterans.
The Touring Theatre has decided not to stay the night leaving an extra $300 that needs to be spent. It was suggested, depending on the numbers, to pay for some of the tickets to museums in D.C. that cost money, such as the Newseum or the Spy Museum. This will be decided at a later date.
There was discussion regarding the capacity of the Multi-Purpose room. Buildings and Grounds will be contacted to ensure protocol is followed.
No further discussion was held and the meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.
Caroline Bailey
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