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Members Present: Brianna Wood, Deanne McDaniel, Deborah Harris, Jill Markwood, Jim Patterson, John McCullough, Linda Daye, Lorenz Chan, Matt Latimer, Michelle Penner, and Shelvia Forrest
Members Absent: Adeola Oyelabi, Barbara Scott (absent due to car accident at lunch 8/25) (Adeola joined committee after meeting)
Old Business:   
Michelle and Jill discussed the purchase of artwork and banners with end of the year money from 2014-15.
Jill displayed the new banners and showed how they worked.
New Business:
Welcomed everyone and introduced SGA members Shelvia Forrest and Brianna Wood.
Jill talked about changes in committee to increase faculty involvement and ask for opinions.
Guest, Irene Wheeler talked about book “Factory Man” by Beth Macy that has been adopted in many business related courses this fall at CVCC. David McGee will be using it some in history class in the spring. Originally proposed by Linda Mallory to bring in the writer but it is way to costly for the committee at $5,000. Irene proposed co-sponsoring with Lynchburg College, Schewel Furniture, or the college foundation. Irene turned it over to the committee. Jill will discuss it with Mike Bradford.
Guest, Jane Moden requested assistance with funding a Raku festival in November. She displayed pottery fired in this method and explained the process. Bowl making events will need to take place two weeks ahead of the event. . Costs are $875 plus clay at $150.
She suggested charging students, faculty and staff $30 and non-CVCC $50.
Lorenz Chan said cost for students in too high and suggested it be lowered.
Everyone agreed it is a good event for the committee to sponsor. The details need to be locked down first.
Due to safety we need to inform campus police and to secure the parking lot between Campbell and Areva we need to contact facilities.
Jane is talking with the KilnDoctor about possible dates.
Michelle Penner talked about the Greek Festival in Roanoke as a possible field trip. She also found on the same day a special photograph exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Art highlighting Japanese Tattoos. Perseverance, Art, and Tradition focuses on the work of seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists.
This would be a day trip to the museum by 10:00, a late lunch and back to CVCC.
Committee would request vans and rent vans as needed. Cost $10 per student.
The SGA students were ask which one they would be more likely to attend and they both said the VMFA
Committee voted for the VMFA field trip.
Other ideas were suggested for events include
Michelle - December 19th Blackfriar Theater “A Christmas Carol”
Jill – Possible AFA theater shows. We would buy a block of tickets and sell to students at a very reduced rate. Because it is local no van required.
Jill Markwood
Recorder (Barbara Scott absent)
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