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Per email from Jill Markwood.  Email update and questions for committee members.
Given that the snow day canceled our very important meeting of final preparations for all the spring events, I thought we could do it via email conversation. Attached are the minutes from our last meeting and the agenda for yesterdays meeting.
The following are things we NEED VOLUNTEERS for (RED in the agenda):
1.     Are you going to to Washington on March 19th ? If so I need your $25. One guest allowed.
2.     Is anyone interested in leading a few students on the Washington trip? FYI...I am going to the newseum.
 3.  “Ain’t I a Woman” on March 22. If you have either please let me know. Also a small older tablecloth to set the time period.
a.     Someone to help with set up, cookies and water and clean up.
4.     March 25th - For Second City we have 30 tickets for CVCC students, faculty, and staff. Guests will need to buy a ticket. If we don’t sell enough do you think we should open it up to CVCC guest at the $10 price? Tickets cost $42
5.     April 22nd – International Day - Michelle Penner is taking in submissions.
a.     Debbie Harris and Barbara Scott buying food
b.     Lorenz needs to finalize musician
c.     Need help cleaning up
6.     April 29th – Student Art show – I will do must of it
a.     Jim Patterson giving out awards (if people want it to change we need a proposal)
b.     Barbara Scott helping with winners filling out forms
c.     Need one more person to help with winners filling out forms
Thanks, Jill
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