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Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee
 March 29, 2016
Members Present:    Lorenz Chan, Shelvia Forrest, Deanna McDaniel, Jill Markwood, Michelle Penner, Jim Patterson, and Barbara Scott
Members Absent:   Deborah Harris (medical), Matt Latimer, John McCullough and Brianna Word
Old Business:
Snow canceled the meeting for February. The Email from Jill Markwood will be used as minutes.
The Washington D.C. trip was a great success.  Jill Markwood and Deborah Harris checked students in at each stop.   There were thirty-five participants. 
Ain’t I a Woman concert had 60 participants.  The multi-purpose room was arranged theatre style.   Skyelar King, Ms. Markwood’s work study, was a great help in preparation for this concert.  John McCullough introduced the group.   Bill Boring tuned the piano for free.  Cookies and water were provided to those attending.
All 30 tickets were sold for Second City performance at the Academy of Arts.  This was an excellent show.  The committee would like to participate more in Academy events or work out an arrangement to bring the group to campus for a show.  Lots of publicity would need to be worked out. 
New Business:
International Day is April 22 from 11-1 p.m.   Michelle Penner will be taking registration forms for food and displays.  The judges for this year’s show are as follows:   Lorenz Chan, Shelvia Forrest and William Sandidge.   The committee approved raising the prize monies to $100 for Best Food and $100 for Best Display.   Debbie Harris and Jill Markwood will purchase food per Bob Moden’s list.   Grilling will be handled by Matt Latimer and Facilities.  Committee members will help with clean up. 
The Student Art Exhibit will be April 29 from 5-7 p.m.  The Awards will cost $1,650. 
Jill Markwood will purchase food for reception.  Jim Patterson will award prizes.  Barbara Scott will help students with paperwork.  Donna Hobbs will assist with paperwork.
Ms. Markwood asked for student input of advertising.   Shelvia Forrest mentioned that students paid attention to papers on tables in the student center.  Ms. Markwood will work on a table-top tent flyer that will advertise International Day on one side and Art Exhibit on the other side.  Short tweets was also suggested.
Lorenz Chan mentioned the Normal Rockwell Display will be at the Roanoke Taubman Museum from March 20 to June 12.  There is sufficient money left to arrange for vans. 
Ms. Markwood requested Mr. Chan pursue this idea.
Michelle Penner mentioned the Shakespeare Play “The Importance of Being Earnest” as a great play.   Ms. Markwood requested Ms. Penner be in charge of this trip.  If all the tickets are not sold the Blackfriar Theatre will allow them to be used for another show.  There is enough money left in the budget for several tickets.
The Chair for next year was elected and Jill Markwood has agreed to Chairing the committee.  Several members of the current committee will rotate off.    Suggestions for next year were the Botanical Gardens in Richmond near Christmas time and The Greek Festival in mid-September.  Bob and Joyce Bus Service has added more buses and is a great company to work with.
Barbara Scott, Recorder
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