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Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee
 September 27, 2016
Members Present:    Mary Canfield, Debbie Harris, Paul Forrest, Matt Latimer,
Jill Markwood, John McCullough, Deanne McDaniel, Lorna Nelson, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott, Ernie Wade and Francie Dye (visitor)
Members Absent:   Sadashiva Godbole and Michael Solomon
Old Business:
Minutes from the August 23 meeting were reviewed and approved with no changes.
Ms. Markwood asked about the Greek Festival trip to Roanoke.  There was only a small group driven to the festival by Michelle Penner.  Everyone enjoyed the trip.  Movie night was reviewed by Lorna Nelson.  It was discussed that the movie time slot could be changed to
7 p.m. to help with attendance.   These movies are meant to lead to student discussion.   Please encourage students to attend.
Francie Dye was introduced as President of the Classified Staff Association.  Ms. Dye reviewed the October 7 Meet and Greet celebration.  The Cultural, Diversity and International Education committee will be co-hosting the Meet and Greet First Fridays at Riverviews on October 7 from 5:30-8:00 p.m.  This is a great opportunity to see art exhibits and to socialize with CVCC faculty, staff and extended family members.   This event is also one of the events for the 50th Anniversary celebration.  A 50th anniversary button will be given out, live music and light refreshments will be provided.  There will be a table set up to register those interested in the November 5 anniversary event by registering at  A map of the area walking locations was provided.  Mary Canfield, Debbie Harris, and Matt Latimer will help with this event.  Many of the committee members will be out of town.  Ms. Markwood will be attending a Diversity Conference in Richmond on Friday, October 7.
New Business:
Native American Week is in November and Matt Latimer will talk to Monican Tribe about dance.   Many of the younger members are in school so it will need to be late afternoon or evening.   Mr. Latimer will get back to Ms. Markwood.
Michelle Penner discussed iFly in Loudon, VA as a possible field trip idea.   Cost is $55 per person and will provide two minutes of flight in a wind tunnel with a film of the student, and STEM lecture and demonstration.   The committee agreed to pay $35 cost for the students, $20 of faculty, staff, and $35 of the cost for part-time staff.   October 21 was the agreed date for this trip with possibly two 16 passenger vans based on the sign up. 
November 11 was approved for a trip to the American Shakespeare Center to see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson with a disclaimer about some profanity.  It has received great reviews and is similar to Alexander Hamilton show.   Lorna Nelson will purchase 25 tickets and take reservations for this play.
Ms. Markwood asked committee to approve approximately ten standing tickets to see any of the Academy Center of Arts programs.   Students will only need to show their student I.D.  This will streamline the access to the Academy and we will be billed for what is used.   This will provide students with exposure at no cost.   If there becomes greater interest the committee will up the number of tickets.  The committee approved this recommendation.
A question was raised about voter registration programs.  Ms. McDaniel has an outside organization that has requested to set up a registration booth. 
Ernie Wade discussed the Appalachian Festival in October at Ferrum College as a possible field trip.   This is a yearly festival and he felt was excellent last year.   Mr. Wade will look into cost for this trip.
Spring events will include the Raku Fest which Donna Hobbs will discuss later.  The Washington D.C. bus trip is tentatively scheduled for March 18.  International Day is tentatively scheduled for April 14 and the school picnic is scheduled for April 21.  The Student Art Exhibit will be April 21.
The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.  
Barbara Scott
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