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Members Present: April Angotti (Jill’s work study), Paul Forrest, Matt Latimer., Debbie Harris, Jill Markwood, John McCullough, Deanne McDaniel and Ernie Wade.
Members Absent: Mary Canfield, Lorna Nelson, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott, Sadashiva Godbole, and Michael Solomon
Old Business:
Minutes posted on communication central from the last meeting were approved with no changes. 
Jill Markwood reviewed the American Shakespeare Center play in November with three attendees, the ACOTA – Broadway’s Next Hit Musical in November with one attendee, and the end of the semester trip to the Lewis Ginter Gardens with nine attendees.
Discussed the need for everyone in the committee to help with getting the word out.
New Business:
John McCullough proposed bringing Abigail Ahoude (former student) to speak during Black History month. She will speak of her work and experience in West Africa. John said she is local and open to dates and times. He will contact other history professors to decide. The committee approved and John is lead on this lecture.
Jill Markwood discussed the movie “Hidden Figures”. Michelle Penner is lead person on this. We are waiting to see if Jan 20 is open for the trip to Regal River Ridge to view. Tickets will come from Deanne for $8.50 and the committee agreed to give the students and small popcorn and drink.
Deanne spoke about Fear to Freedom Event and Women’s Career Panel (during Women’s History Month). The committee agreed to help by provide snacks for the attendees.
Due to the cancelling of the ceramics class, the Raku Fest was cancelled.
The Washington, D.C. bus trip March 18 and Bob & Joyce bus service has been paid. The African American Museum is book solid so we will have to try next year.
We reviewed the many shows that the Academy Center of the Arts for spring and early summer. With the agreement we have with them the students will have a lot to choose from. We are also purchasing several tables for Second City on March 24.
International Day April 14, and the Art Exhibit April 21. We need volunteers for these events.
After speaking to several speakers and reviewing their lecture fees the committee chose Dylan Pritchett as an African American storyteller We need to book a date asap. Lorna Nelson and Jill Markwood are working on this.
Finally if we have funding left we may do another trip to the American Shakespeare Center.
The meeting adjourned at 1:00.
April Angotti and Jill Markwood, Recorder
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