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Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee
March 28, 2017
Members Present:  Jill Markwood, Matt Latimer, Deanne McDaniel, Michelle Penner, Barbara Scott, Ernie Wade, and April Angotti (Jill Markwood’s work study).  
Members Absent:  Mary Canfield, Sadahiva Godbole, Michael Solomon, Lorna Nelson, Paul Forrest and Debbie Harris (Lorna, Paul and Debbie have classes spring semester at 1 p.m.)
Old Business:
Hidden Figures movie was well attended on January 27.  There were 56 in attendance.
Dylan Pritchett performance was held February 14.  Mr. Pritchett performance was excellent but there were very few students attending.  The committee needs more faculty support for events. 
The Washington D.C. trip on March 18 had twenty eight students.  Debbie Harris helped with the bus trip.
The committee provided snacks for the CDIEC Fear to Freedom Event in support of the student organization.  Snacks were also provided by the committee for the Women’s Career Panel for Women’s History Month. 
New Business:
The remaining shows open for students to attend for spring semester from the Academy of Fine Arts are as follows:
  • Jad Abumrad – Gut Churn – April 8
  • Children’s Theater Camp – Jack in the Bean Stalk – April 15
  • A Raisin in the Sun – May 18-21
  • Stage reading of Clybourne Sun – May 21
  • Riverfront Park Concert – June 10

International Day at CVCC will be held April 14.  Please encourage students to participate.  
The Student Art Show will be April 21.  Help will be needed at 5 p.m.  Barbara Scott will help with student paperwork.  Ernie Wade will present awards.
April 29 Michelle Penner will take a van to see Two Gentlemen of Verona at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA.  Lorna Nelson is working on Swim Team movie show dates.  
Barbara Scott, Recorder
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