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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 9/23/2019 12:00:00 AM

Maria Wright, Lynn Dillard, Jill Markwood, Philmika Reid, Elizabeth Elam, Kingsley Chukwu, Deborah Harris, Amir Arabi, Michelle Penner, Deanne McDaniel, Lorenz Chan, Chris B

Mecca Myzaam, Ava Torres.

  • Review of the original proposal from the first meeting.
  • Discussion of the committee covering the cost of $25 for every student and faculty that wanted to attend the Academy Center of the Arts. All in favor.
  • Support Habitat for Humanity project. A check of $25 was sent to Mary Canfield. Due to absences or silence votes, we proceeded with a quorum vote. All in favor.
  • Review committee objectives. Everyone received a copy with the objectives, and prospective goals
  • Upcoming events
    • 9/26/19- International Day at Dearington Elementary School. Lorenz Chan will be going as a representative of CVCC. All in favor.
  • Series of guest speakers on campus during 2019-2020 school year:
    • Will Stafford- An alumnus of CVCC that continued his education and is now a meteorologist with WSET.
      • Pizza, cookies, and drinks provided- $200 estimate for food and drinks. All in favor.
      • Dates considered- Thursday, October 17th at 1pm. Lorenz plans to check with Diane about availability of the multipurpose room.
      • Jill Markwood plans to contact Gleaning for the World to inquire about items that accept
      • Discussion of students bringing non-perishable items as a way of admission and donate the items to Gleaning for the World in Will Stafford’s name
      • Discussion of incorporating classes to assure a large attendance.
      • Lorenz has extended an invitation to him.
  • Prospective future guest speakers.
    • Jason Fowler- CVCC alumnus, and then went to William and Mary and went to Peru.
    • Dylan Schewmaker- CVCC alumnus, travelled the world, has familiarity with museums and culture.
    • Jose Andres- Chef at World Central Kitchen, in Washington, DC. (Michelle will found out about this information.) All in favor.
  • Chris Bryant suggested hosting a 2 day event celebrating Native American Heritage Month. This would include an evening event as well as an event the next day that highlights Native American Heritage Culture. Requested Multipurpose room for these events. All in favor.
    • Tentative date: November 18 and November 19.
  • Black History Month. (February 2020).
    • Possibilities: Gospel choir. "New Beginning Gospel Singers". Contact Person is: Mr. Charlie Davis. 
    • Greek Sororities and Fraternities: Philmika will reach out to University of Lynchburg
    • Sweet Briar College gospel choir
  • Katie Busing and Sara Shelley, students at CVCC, from Phi Beta Kappa were invited to the meeting by Chris Bryant. Katie and Sara made a proposal that the campus have signs placed on campus in different languages, assisting traditional students navigate the campus better. The students indicate that they came to the committee seeking a donation, however, they are unsure about how much it will cost. Chris Bryant recommended that the student research the cost and also that they identify the top 5 minority groups on campus to assist in narrowing their project, and then report back to the group.  All in favor.
  • Discussion of doing an event at the end of the semester
    • Christmas Carol- in Richmond or Staunton or Lynchburg? Further discussion in October meeting.
    • Possibly a Saturday matinee
Meeting adjourned: 1:49pm
It was approved to add a 3rd student as a voting member via e-mail 
Philmika Reid
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