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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 1/14/2020 12:00:00 AM
Michelle Penner, Deborah Harris, Maria Wright, Jill Markwood, Marcia Robertson, Christ Byrant (Honorary Member), Deanne McDanniel, Philmika Reid, Lorenz Chan. Shannon Hines (Visiting/Treasurer).

Members requested to be excused: Fazi Arabi, and Elizabeth Elam
Kingsley Chukwu, Lynn Dillard, Mecca Myzaam, Ava Torres.
The agenda of today follows the steps from the email sent previously with the results from last meeting proposals, and the discussion for the new items.
  • New contract format for guest speakers (DPR) besides the W-2 form. These documents are facilitated by our special guest Shannon Hines. She is the new General Administrator and the new Treasurer of our Committee.
  • Deanne indicated that the end of the year Student picnic will be on Friday, April 24th.
  • CVCC International Festival. Student’s Center. Leader, Michell Penner. April 9, 11 am – 1 pm. 3 judges. 2 $100.00 prices for Food and Table Presentation. $75.00 dollars refunded per group for food expenses. Jill & Maria in charge of advertising. Possible Media advertising as well, and Social Media too. There will be two prizes offered- $100 for best food and $100 for presentation.
  • We waited for Kingsley event to announce it to the committee, but he was not present.
  • Academy of Art new Schedule will be provided by Jill and Maria.
  • Staunton. Shakespeare Theatre. Michelle will be the leader for this event.
American Shakespeare Center. Blackfriars Playhourse.
Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare.
Saturday, February 15, 2020. Leaving CVCC at 4:00 pm from the Bedford Lot.
Returning at midnight the same day. Cost, $5.00 for students and Part-time Faculty. (We will reimburse their money for their food.) $15.00 for everyone else.
  • Washington DC trip.
Initial proposed date of April 17th conflicts with the New Horizons Conference
Philmika will inquire with Abbott Bus tours about availability for April 4th and March 28th
  • Lorenz reports that he cancelled the trip to Costa Rica due to lack of inquiries. The $500 allocated for scholarship will go back to the budget.
  • Lorenz encouraged committee members to think about other events/trips for the remainder of the school year.
  • Future visit on Cindy Ferguson from the University of Lynchburg. No date has been set yet.
Time for meeting adjourned, 1:47 pm.
Additional information: Although, the meeting was adjourned, several items became relevant.
  • Voting for the cost of the Theater outing has been a continuing issue. There were three proposals:
  • A.  No cost at all
  • B. $20.00 dollars for students.
  • C. $5.00 dollars for students and part-time faculty. $15.00 for everyone else.
After several messages trying to vote for the best proposal, the Quorum decided on C. Resulting on $5.00 for students and part-time faculty, $15.00 for everyone else.
  • Kensley Chuckwu came out with his final proposal after discussing the written recommended contract by the accounting administration, the cost that was already voted, and the W-2 technicalities about the payment for his two guests. Shannon helped him with this, and Christina Brannan completed the assistance in filling the contracts for the guest speakers. Below, it is the prospective program:
Date: Thursday, February 6
Time: 10 am - 11 am
Location:  CVCC Multipurpose Room
Courtney Smith
Northrop Grumman-Principal Systems Engineer
  •  What is success? Everyone’s journey is different.
  • Becoming a system engineer as an African American woman
Charles Scott (Chazz)
Cyber Defense Engineer-National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Executive Director and Chief Creative Optimist of Positively Caviar, Inc.
Mission: Empowering and Inspirer mental resilience by way of intentional positive thinking.
  •  Becoming a cyber defense engineer
  • Techniques to overcome stress and adversity
Lorenz Chan
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