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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 2/18/2020 12:00:00 AM
Philmika Reid, Maria Wright, Lorenz Chan, Chris Bryant, Deanne McDaniel, Michelle Penner, Deborah Harris, Lynn Dillon
  • Remember for all speakers, a contract must be signed
  • Shakespeare trip was very successful. Lorenz gave back the money to the participants
  • Tina Murphy inquired about high school students going on the Washington DC trip. High School students (under the age of 18 years old) must go with parent or guardian.
  • Washington DC trip
    • Trip will take place on March 21st.
    • The trip is open to Faculty/Staff/Students/Alumni
    • Philmika Reid & Deborah Harris are contacts
    • The committee voted for $100 from the budget to be allotted for snacks for trip participants
    • The fee includes $20 for full time faculty, staff and $10 for students, part time faculty, part time staff
    • $10 will be reimbursed to all active students upon arrival to Washington DC.
  • Cindy Ferguson (Director, Center for Community Engagement and Bonner Leader Program at University of Lynchburg)
    • Proposed dates for speaking engagement: Week of April 20th, March 23rd-27th, March 30th- April 3rd
      • Philmika will follow up with the multi-purpose room about availability and follow up with Cindy Ferguson about proposed dates.
  • David and Wanda McGee has inquired with the Cultural, Diversity and Inclusion Education Committee about sponsoring the The Celtic Festival and Highland Games that will take place on march 28th at The Sedalia in Bedford, Virginia.
    • Has asked the committee to sponsor the event ($200)
    • The present committee members voted unanimously to sponsor the event $200
  • Academy of the Arts
    • Encouraging students to participate in events at the Academy
    • Maria will send out an updated flyer to advertise Spring shows at the Academy
  • Lorenz proposed, that we include another speaking event, featuring Vicente Gonzalez, an advocate for the LGBTQ community and The Dreamers.
    • Chris proposed that the speaker is incorporated into the International Food Festival, and speaks after that event.
    • Michelle Penner reports that Catherine Harris, from the City of Lynchburg has inquired about having a table set up at the campus International Food Festival to advertise Lynchburg International Food Festival in May 2020.
    • Judges for the International Food Festival
      • Chris suggested that we incorporate the Culinary department. Lorenz will follow up with the Mena Hughes to inquire about Culinary students being incorporated into the festival as judges
      • Lorenz will also follow up with Catherine Harris with the City of Lynchburg about having someone play International music. As a backup, Lorenz will request a loud speaker and CD player to play music.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:39pm
Philmika Reid
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