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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 10/8/2020 12:00:00 AM
Deborah Harris, Marcia Robertson, Deanne McDaniel, Michelle Penner, Jill Markwood, Philmika Reid
  • Review of minutes from last meeting
    • Jill made a motion to approve the minutes and Marcia second the motion
  • Deborah thanked Jill and Philomena for creating the newsletter
  • Deborah inquired about sending the newsletter in different format. Jill will e sending the next one in a different format (e-blast).
  • Virtual events:
    • Academy of Fine Arts- inquire about any virtual events they have and share with students, staff, and faculty
    • First Friday Film Festival
      • Discussion of how to do a virtual film festival
    • Piggyback off local schools and VCCS
      • Marcia will follow up with Chris Bryant about events for Indigenous people month
      • Philmika will follow up with local schools about any events that they are having that we can share with our faculty, staff, and student
  • Hocus Pocus event at the Lynchburg Stadium on 10/30/2020 for $3 per person. This is an event with Lynchburg Parks and Rec.
    • Jill suggested that we have students show ID and then the Parks & Rec will let us know who attended and then we will reimburse. Deborah reports that she will follow up with the Lynchburg Parks and Rec.
  • Kwanza event with the Lynchburg Parks & Rec (free) o 12/30/2020.
    • Deborah will follow up with Lynchburg Parks & Rec
  • Future Speakers:
    • Carolyn Gross: retired Adjunct with the University of Lynchburg. Spoke on Women’s Role during the Civil Rights time at YWCA of Central Virginia. Philmika will follow up with her about speaking for Black History Month.
    • History professor to discuss the history of voting. Jill will follow up with one of the CVCC History professors about speaking on this.
    •  Jill's suggested purchasing artwork from John Black a former professor at CVCC or other CVCC alumnae
    • Speaker to talk about COVID-19
      • Deborah will inquire with one of the Internal Medicine doctors about doing a recording about COVID-19.
Philmika Reid
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