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Committee Name: Cultural, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 11/18/2020 12:00:00 AM
Layia Perry, Marcia Robertson, Deborah Harris, Philmika Reid, Deanne McDaniel
  • Marcia approved October meeting minutes; Deborah second the motion
  • Deborah reports that three student attended the Hocus Pocus movie event at the Lynchburg Stadium
  • Voting presentation- well attended and great presentation by our faculty members Professor Matthew Poteat and Professor John McCullough
  • Michelle Penner suggested VMFA and North Carolina of Fine Arts
    • November 20th-26th- movie on Different take on Pocahontas
    • Will include this in the Daily Bulletin
    • Deanne McDaniel agreed to include this in the Student Virtual Center
  • Academy of Fine Arts
    • Anne White Gallery (11/20/2020)
  • Deborah contacted the Alumni Association about inquiring about alumni that we could purchase art from
  • Deborah shared that the Alumni Association is doing the Turkey Trot. Asked if anyone wants to do the Turkey Trot e-mail the Alumni President or Chris Bryant.
  • Marcia Robertson shared:
    • National Museum website will be sent to Deborah
    • Ted Delaney- will be recording a talk. He will need details of what needs to be discussed. Consider having a pre- recorded message that can be shared during convocation.
    • Michelle Penner suggested that we ask Ted Delaney speaking on Women Suffrage should be in March 2021 as that is Women’s’ Month.
    • Deanne suggested that we have a convo with students after the video.
    • COVID presentations- Deborah reached out to Centra Healthcare professionals, but was encouraged to check the recordings that have already been provided.
  • Philmika shared that Carolyn Gross, Adjunct Instructor at CVCC has agreed to be our speaker for Black History Month.
  • Helping the Alumni Association:
    • Cougar for Kids
    • Michelle suggested that we focus on provided toys that provide the child with an understanding of diversity.
    • We will start with a $500 donation
  • Kwanzaa celebrations at the Legacy Museum offered thru the Parks and Rec. This is a free event. Students must register online
  • Michelle suggested we offer to pay for tickets to Lewis Ginter, but not provide transportation.
  • Deanne McDaniel discussed the Indigenous Memorial to Veterans. Deanne shared that this was sent out to students via e-mail. Deanne also shared that there are multiple live festivals that can be live streamed and are free of charge. Deanne shares that she sent these out via email. Deanne shared that she is organizing Brandon Martin, Voice for Justice to do a livestream for students. Brandon would sing and then do a Q&A. Deborah suggested that the CDIE assist with a donation.
Philmika Reid
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