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Committee Name: Cultural, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 1/19/2021 12:00:00 AM
Deanne McDaniel, Marcia Robertson, Deborah Harris, Jill Markwood, Michelle Penner, Philomena Hughes, Philmika Reid, Layia Perry
  • Approval of minutes
    • It was noted that the meeting date was incorrect. Philmika agreed to correct that.
    • Marcia approved the minutes, and Jill second.
  • Academy of Arts- Christmas Carol
    • Tickets were purchased ($10 each)
      • $80 in virtual tickets were purchased and $20 in person tickets purchased
  • Shakespeare Theater
    • $500 for the entire college, however was not a consensus of votes for events.
  • Cougar for Kids
    • The committee spent $400.49 for toys
    • The goal was $500, however some items would have been delivered after Christmas
  • Kwanzaa event
    • Was not publicized in Bulletin. Recommended that we advertise earlier next year
  • Ted Delany speaking event
    • Marcia shared that we need to identify dates, and need to determine if it will be a student audience.
    • The committee discussed if we should reach out to Professors to include classes as a part of the event
    • Deborah suggested Ted Delany do a pre-recorded discussion and put it on Canvas
    • Marcia will reach out to professors and inquire about their interest in the presentation to determine moving forward
  • Black History Month
    • Philmika shared that Carolyn Gross, agreed to be our guest speaker for Black History Month. She will speak on “The Impact of Women in Black Social Movements”
    • The event will take place February 18th from 1p-2pm via Zoom
    • Philmika will send her bio and a picture to Jill Markwood.
  • Brandon Martin
    • Deanne shared that she has arranged for Brandon Martin to perform via Zoom. Brandon Martin is a piano player and know as “A Voice for Justice” will be performing via Zoom.
    • The event will be February 10th from 2pm-3pm
    • Q&A will be allowed at the end
    • The fee for this is $1150 and the committee agreed to split the fees in half
  • Artwork from Alumni:
    • Jill will reach out to Alumni, to gather artist information and samples of their artwork. Jill will share with the committee sample artwork to determine which pieces the committee will purchase.
  • Events for Spring:
    • Academy of Arts
      • Second City production for February. If offering in-person viewing, discussion of purchasing tickets
  • The committee will need a new chairperson and recorder for the 2021-2022 term
Philmika Reid
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