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Committee Name: Cultural, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 2/24/2021 12:00:00 AM
Jill Markwood, Philomena Hughes, Deborah Harris, Marcia Robertson, Philmika Reid, Chris Bryant, Laiya Perry
  • Review Minutes
    • Marcia moved to accept the minutes
    • Jill second the motion
  • Brandon Martin event
    • Was a nice program
    • Deanne shared that she recorded the event
    • Jill asked for a copy of the recording, so she can download and tag it with the committee information
  • Black History Event
    • Philmika share that the event was rescheduled due to inclement weather. Will take place via Zoom, Thursday, February 25, 2021.
    • Will ask Dr. Mickles if she can host the event due to Philmika have a scheduled meeting at the same time, and Deborah’s class does not end until 1pm.
  • Ted Delaney
    • Marcia share that she did not get responses from History/Government instructors
    • The committee will re-visit this event at a later time
  • Art Show
    • Jill shared that there will be an art show on March 5th from 5p-7p at the Art Club on Rivermont Avenue.
    • Jill shared that committee members could meet their to look at the art work together to determine which pieces to purchase
  • Academy of Fine Arts
    • The Second City performance has been rescheduled for September 2021
  • Deborah share that the Anne Spencer House is planning renovations and adding facilities
  • The Executive Director, Shaun Spencer Hester shared that they are currently raising $120,000 to build a bathroom facility along with cooking facilities.
  • The committee agreed to an $1,000 donation
  • IFLY
    • Michelle Penner discuss the iFly program near Washington DC, and the possibility of this being something that we could offer students. It was discussed that this is something that was offered in the past, and students enjoyed.
  • Student Involvement
    • Student involvement has decreased over the years. Discussed ways to increase student participation
    • Jill inquired about possibility of doing International Food Day, as it is usually an annual event
    • Chris suggested we do an outdoor event at Miller Park and include a Latino Food truck, and an African- American food truck, and an African-American food truck.
    • Philomena agreed to research food truck options
    • Chris suggested collaborating with WSET
    • Deborah and Jill will serve as a sub-committee to draft a plan for the re-opening committee.
    • Deborah will research the cost of a DJ
    • Could do giveaways for students also.
Philmika Reid
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