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Committee Name: Cultural, Diversity, and International Education
Meeting Date: 4/7/2021 12:00:00 AM
Deborah Harris, Philmika Reid, Michelle Penner
  • Review of minutes:
    • Deborah approved, Philmika second the motion
  • Black History Month event:
    • Was held on 2/25/2021, with Carolyn Gross, as our Guest Speaker. Was well received and well attended. Carolyn Gross was sent a $100 honorarium for her efforts.
  • Art work
    • In the past, Jill had suggested that we purchase some artwork from former CVCC employees.
    • Deborah and Jill went to the Art Show, and gathered information on about 10 different pieces that Jill recommended. That information was sent to Lewis Bryant and his team. Lewis Bryant and Chris Bryant recommended that a committee or sub-committee is formed to further view the possibilities of purchasing the artwork.
    • Michelle stated that the funding of the committee is our funding and she had concerns in regards to the committee not having a say in the purchase of how we use our funds.
  • Anne Spencer House
    • It was discussed in the last meeting that we donate $1,000. Deborah discussed with the Executive Director, Shaun Spencer-Hester, and she confirmed that in the visiting plaque, there would be a an acknowledgement of all donors. Deborah inquired if we should filter this thru College Administrators as well. Michelle shared that she had cautions on donating the money, being that it is to her knowledge that the funds of the committee is from donations.
    • To assure that the committee can do this, Deborah will reach out to Dianne Sykes and Lewis Bryant about the committees ability to donate. Deborah will communicate to the committee upon receiving their response.
    • Post meeting, Deborah reached out to Lewis Bryant to further inquire about a donation to the Ann Spencer house, stating that we have been advised that our funds should not be used for donations. Although we voted to donate, Lewis replied that he wasn’t aware of a process to use those funds for donations. Committee members were update by email.
  • International Food Day
    • Chris Bryant proposed that we do International Food Day at Miller Park. Deborah called Parks and Rec, and they shared that they could not have more than 25 people. So this event will not take place for the Spring 2021.
    • Michelle, suggested that we consider doing this for the fall 2021. Michelle also suggested that we consider inviting students to the Roanoke Greek Festival that takes place in the Fall 2021. Greek Festival 2021 is planned for September 17, 18, and 19.
    • Will update Jill on planning marketing the Greek Festival for the Fall 2021.
    • Michelle suggested that we sponsor an International Food Day with food trucks on campus and still do International Food Festival for students on campus in the Spring 2022.
  • Diversity Climate Survey
    • Philmika reviewed the meeting and shared that Dr. Mickles was also
  • Members
    • Members are rolling off, and we will need new members. We will also need a Chairperson and a Recorder for the 2021-2022 School Year, as Deborah and Philmika’s terms are up.
Philmika Reid
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