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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee
Meeting Date: 8/31/2021 12:00:00 AM
Layia Perry, Michelle Penner, Charles Poff, Yalitza Figueroa, Jill Markwood, Chloe Perez, Chris Bryant
Priscilla Liggon, Philomena Hughes, Lana Velez, Zebia Christian (Zebia joined committee after meeting)
Jill Markwood highlighted the placement of the international flag banners around campus.
Jill brought up the recent years’ decrease in student participation, leading to a discussion on ways to increase student involvement. Former committee members recalled field trips, fairs, guest speakers, and otherwise events that the college has employed in the past, concluding that extra credit has been the most effective booster for student involvement. In previous years, the occasional guest speaker has incited a packed attendance, but the results are ultimately inconsistent.
Welcomed everyone and conducted a membership brief concerning who is new to the committee, as well as who has previously been chair. Lana Velez was absent because of her one o’clock class.
Michelle Penner noted that Second City will be in Lynchburg during mid-to-late September. The committee will need to confer with the Academy to determine the possibilities of coordinating with Second City. Jill recalled a recommendation she’d had gotten from David McGee about the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia, and Charles Poff suggested a writer, who has written many poems on slavery in New York, as a potential guest speaker for which the English Department and CDIEC can co-chair. Charles will forward previous correspondence — concerning the writer’s willingness to work with the college — to the rest of the committee. Jill and Michelle will gather a list of past events as ideas for this year and will send that out to everyone else as well.
Jill suggested rethinking tradition by recording events as material for students to watch anytime and/or for professors to use in their classes. Throughout this semester, events will likely be on Zoom. Hopefully by next semester, we will be able to host events in person.
Concerning the need to elect a new chair member and recorder; Jill and Charles are currently chairing the Public Relations & Marketing Committee and English department respectively. Yalitza Figueroa and Layia Perry are wary to commit to the chairing responsibilities as it is Yalitza’s first time as a member on the committee, and counseling is busy. Chris Bryant offered the advice of not rushing to elect a chair immediately but to seek advice from the governance committee and allow CDIEC members to think about it. Layia will consider being the recorder and update us when she makes her decision.
Regarding other empty spots, the student activities coordinator will automatically become a member once hired. Zebia Christian joined the committee as the second classified staff representative after the meeting. Committee members will be on the lookout for potential student representatives to fill the remaining spot, and Jill will confirm whether college ambassadors are the only students allowed on committees.
Jill Markwood
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