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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education
Meeting Date: 10/5/2021 12:00:00 AM
Zebia Christian, Layia Perry, Michelle Penner, Charles Poff, Yalitza Figueroa, Jill Markwood, Chloe Perez, Chris Bryant, Faith Fielder 
Priscilla Liggon, Philomena Hughes, Lana Velez, Chris Bryant 
Zebia Christian introduced herself. The committee reviewed and approved the Minutes from August 31st.  

Michelle Penner invited Faith Fielder as a guest, and she joined the committee as the second student representative during the meeting. 

Zebia suggested outdoor painting as a culture-sharing activity which could be in person while still following guidelines for Covid-19 and would be fairly inexpensive for the committee budget. Charles Poff mentioned other alternatives for this idea such as chalk drawings on the campus sidewalks; Faith offered an idea of having a large canvas on which a number of individuals contribute a little piece of their heritage to make a collage. The committee noted that the event would benefit from an artistic guide to help participants transfer their ideas to the art mediums. 

Yalitza Figueroa expanded upon the International Food Day activities by suggesting cooking lessons for different cultures. Zebia mentioned an idea for monthly digests listing different holidays and celebrations of culture and diversity, which brought the conversation to a discussion of previous events the committee has organized for Black History Month, American Indian Heritage Month, and more. We brainstormed about bringing students on a tour of the Spencer house which is right here in Lynchburg: they have two slots for school tours and an option for virtual tours as well. Faith mentioned Old City Cemetery, also in Lynchburg, who has Halloween tours during the month of October; Zebia will look into the cost and otherwise logistics regarding the Halloween tours. 

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