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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education
Meeting Date: 11/16/2021 12:00:00 AM
Zebia Christian, Jessica Coco, Evora Baker, Jill Markwood, Philomena Hughs, Michelle Penner, and Chris Bryant 

Layia Perry, Charles Poff, Yalitza Figueroa, Chloe Perez, Faith Fielder, Lana Velez, and Priscilla Liggon 

Zebia went over the old business from the last meeting. First, she stated that the Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee’s main function was programing. She then followed up about the Old City Cemetery Candlelight Tours, stating that they sold out before we could get tours and that she wants to offer more events like this to everyone including the students. Next, she mentioned that John Lafaso was in attendance to speak and help us plan further about the possible outdoor painting (chalk festival).  

Zebia suggested we bring a master flutist to campus to offer jazz and historian lecture. She stated that if we are interested it can be done in student center. Other members chimed in and mentioned that we should do it, but it would need to be done right with teachers offering extra credit and the student center during the day and times when most students are there. Chris Bryant recommended that we should offer food, crazy door prizes, and partner with Market at Main. Summary is that we should offer as much as possible to get students to attend the event.  

John Lofaso came to speak and help us plan the Outdoor Chalk event/competition since he has helped plan past events at CVCC’s campus in the past. He recommended, and the following, was discussed:  

  • Block off 30-80 squares for the artist to create on 

  • Bring in high schools and others from the community to compete  

  • We need to figure out who do we invite, is it going to be a competition, what is the theme, how long do the artist have to create their master chalk piece, will it be for the day or overnight, will there be prizes, will there be teams or individuals or both 

  • If competition, need judges 

  • You can get high schoolers, if so, make sure teachers are involved to help facilitate everything.  

  • Can hire professional artist to create. 

  • Bring in the community for a weekend long festival where we have activities, food, etc.  

  • In case of weather event, have large pieces of paper ready to move indoors. Have classrooms handy for this case.  

  • Goal of the event = word of mouth and getting the community on campus 

  • Tuesday, April 26th was a proposed date since it is the Student Celebration, and we can combine that event with the Outdoor Chalk Festival 

  • If we do this we will want to get the art done as class as possible to the April 26th date. The previous Friday for the Artist to do their work was recommended. 

  • After the art is complete, have a Art Festival with drumming circle, food, etc. It should be a big event where people can come and look at the art as well as do other things.  

Chris Bryant spoke and introduced our new Community Coordinator, Nadine. He announced that there were a few events happening that he wanted our committee to be involved in via volunteering opportunities. The following events he mentioned that he would like us to help volunteer at were,  

  • Thanksgiving Food drive on Campus as well as one Mid-December. We need to restock our food pantry and do a student pick up day.  

  • Planning a hot food give away day on MLK holiday. Need help for this event 

  • Need help at the Jubilee Satellite Days that are offering free breakfast and lunch. They need volunteers to help out on those days. 

Jill Markwood proposed that we schedule our annual DC trip at Natural History where students get dropped off for the day to explore the museum and come back by 4:30 pm. Students are not allowed to leave the MALL and that chaperones may want to have all students’ cell phone numbers just in case.  She stated that she has a folder about the details if needed.  


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